Port services gathering to gird sector for peak season

Other states to gain advice and work through potential issues as the pressure grows

Port services gathering to gird sector for peak season
Peak season around ports is coming.


With the container transport logistics chain coming to terms with the new Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) container weighing rules in July, the sector is now gearing up for the peak container volume season in the lead in to Christmas.

"It’s still early days in the implementation of the SOLAS VGM regulations, and it’s fair to say that many in the chain are still working out the most convenient and cost effective ways to comply," Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) director Neil Chambers observes. 

"There haven’t been too many examples of supply chain disruption though – a few containers left aside or delayed here and there in various ports, but there has been an inevitable increase in the costs and time delays of the accurate weight declaration compliance."

However, with the peak container volume season fast approaching, there’s no time for logistics chain participants to rest on their laurels, as added peak pressures can have negative physical knock-on effects.

"Potential increases in wharf and container depot transport delays, difficulties in securing sufficient vehicle booking slots, the mismatch of operating hours across the transport chain, futile truck trips, container detention and other added charges, and urgent customer demands – all of these issues can cause friction and added costs."

"We are getting a broad church of container transport chain participants together to discuss openly how these issues can be best avoided as port container volumes grow during the peak season leading into Christmas."

The Container Matters – Peak Season Forum aims to get participants interacting on the interface issues that can cause friction and frustration, and can lead to delays, double-handling and added costs as the container volumes rise, he adds.

"Over 70 senior managers from the container transport logistics chain will gather next Tuesday morning in Williamstown, Melbourne, to hold honest and open discussions about getting on top of potential transport and supply chain delays, added costs and freight double-handling that can occur as container transport volumes rise during the peak import / export season through the Port of Melbourne," Chambers says.

"All parties in the chain have a role to play – to understand the operational imperatives of others, to be conscious that time delays have a physical knock-on effect, and to communicate, communicate, communicate as early as possible when the pressure is on."

"We are excited that the Deputy CEO of the UK Freight Transport Association, James Hookham, has agreed to be a special guest at the Melbourne Forum to provide comments on how industry plans for peak volumes in the UK.  This international input will add another dimension to these important discussions."

The CTAA will host similar forums in other eastern states:

  • Brisbane – Tuesday, August 30 – Wynnum golf Club, Wynnum
  • Sydney – Thursday, September 1 – South Sydney Graphic Arts Club, Mascot

The registration flyers for these events are posted to: www.ctaction.com.au

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