Waldron to leave ARRB but stay with FEHRL

MD goes but board welcomes three new members

Waldron to leave ARRB but stay with FEHRL
Gerard Waldron is going to the FEHRL


Roads and transport industry stalwart Gerard Waldron is retiring as independent national road transport research body ARRB Group’s managing director.

Waldron will remain with the organisation until November, while the board searches for a replacement.

ARRB chairman Gary Liddle has thanked Waldron for his contribution to the company over the past 15 years.

"Gerard has laid the foundation for sustainable growth and has continued to build the reputation of ARRB as a world-class research institute among its members, the industry and public," Liddle says.

In his remaining months, Waldron will help form ARRB’s business plans for next year.

"In my time at ARRB, my mission has included increasing the engagement of our members in the organisation’s research-related roles, which are not only our raison d’êtré, but also how the organisation can make a tangible difference to road users," he says.

"I’m excited to report that member engagement is the highest it’s ever been, and as result, our board and executive remain fully invested in the future growth of ARRB."

ARRB says Waldron played a significant role building ARRB’s commercial arm, using revenue earned to directly fund the organisation’s research.

More recently, under Waldron’s leadership, ARRB has led the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) as a founding partner, to aid the safe and successful transition of driverless vehicles onto Australian roads.

"Initiatives like ADVI have continued to boost ARRB’s profile and cemented it as one of the few agencies globally equipped to bring together researchers, technical experts, governments, and industry from around the world to deliver major projects in the Australian public interest," Waldron says.

Coinciding with Waldron’s retirement, the board has new board members include:

  • Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) CEO Michael Caltabiano
  • New Zealand Transport Authority network outcomes highways and network operations national manager Kevin Reid
  • Transport for NSW deputy secretary infrastructure and services Stephen Troughton.

Beyond his retirement, Waldron will continue to represent Australia in his position as the Vice President of the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) for the next three years, with the aim of continuing engagement to bring international connections and research directions back to Australia.

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