Toowoomba could be a logistics powerhouse

Regional mayor throw gauntlet down for Brisbane, backs new cost analysis report

Toowoomba could be a logistics powerhouse
Toowoomba would take advantage of the Port of Brisbane in its global strategy.


On the back of a new KPMG report, Toowoomba Region mayor Paul Antonio says the region’s cost and geographical advantages over Brisbane make it "ideally placed to play a major role in south-east Queensland’s emergence as a world logistics powerhouse."

Presented at the Toowoomba Transport and Logistics Symposium this week, the report, Advantages of Investing in the Toowoomba Region, analysed a number of factors, including the availability of existing facilities and rental costs, to compare the scene to Brisbane.

The report concludes a company that builds a top-tier, industry average transport and logistics business could reap $7.4 million more in the region compared to Brisbane over a 15-year period.

"Toowoomba has a number of advantages including cheaper industrial land already zoned for transport and logistics locked in and ready for development," Antonio says, highlighting the 2,000 hectares of available industrial land ready for use in the region.

"The Toowoomba Region also has a significant existing support industry for this sector including diesel mechanics, transmission, wheels, motor bodies, electrics, among others, for trucks, trailers and fork lifts which [are] also a significant advantage."

The geographical location of Toowoomba is also a critical advantage, he says, as the region "is within 24 hours drive of more than 85% of the nation’s population".

"More importantly the city is within a 12 hour flight to more than 50% of the world’s population."

The Port of Brisbane would play a pivotal role in the mayor’s vision for the region, who says cargo ships could dock in Queensland rather than heading down the east coast of Australia to Sydney or Melbourne.

"It is our vision these ships will soon be coming to the Port of Brisbane to pick up cargo that has been shipped by road and rail from the nation’s emerging freight destination … Toowoomba," Antonio says.

"Between 40 and 50% of the Port of Brisbane’s trade already comes from Toowoomba and further west.

"With the advent of the inland rail, it makes sense that this region becomes the holding yard for the nation."

The report did not factor in the benefits of the second range-crossing or the proposed inland rail project but says they could "establish a critical mass, making it more attractive to operators and investors alike".

"The projects would ultimately change the transport system and provide additional advantages over those captured in this assessment," KPMG says.

"In particular, these infrastructure enhancements would likely reduce transport operating costs which could make Toowoomba more attractive for regional level warehousing activities."


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