Badgerys Creek airport rail connection call

ARA sees it as crucial to the success of project and wants federal action

Badgerys Creek airport rail connection call
The Badgerys Creek area as it is now.


In an intervention with implications for road congestion in Sydney, the Australian Railway Association (ARA) has warned that building Sydney’s second airport without a rail line connection to the CBD, saying it would be "a major infrastructure blunder".

With the Badgerys Creek airport to be located relatively near the proposed Moorebank intermodal terminal, having road as the single mode of access should be avoided at the start of the project lest it risk its viability, according to ARA acting COO Phil Allan.

"The ARA is pleased that the NSW Government is looking ahead by starting to secure a rail corridor, but we need the Federal Government to step up on this in order for it to happen; the rail option needs to be there from the start," Allan says.

"We are supportive of the construction of a second airport for Sydney to not only cater for its population, which is expected to grow by almost 6 million by 2031, but also for the millions of tourists visiting the city every year.

"What we cannot support is the construction of such an important transport hub without the necessary public transport infrastructure links required that will enable people to move in and out of the airport efficiently, safely and sustainably.

"Sydney is a major gateway to Australia and needs to be served by a rail system like other world cities; planning of a project of such significance without incorporating rail is poor planning and flies in the face of all long-term thinking.

"Without the appropriate integrated transport infrastructure, that includes both road and rail, the Badgerys Creek airport will simply be another frustrating bottleneck adding to Sydney’s congestion woes and detracting from the strong investment already put in place by the state government in to its light rail and Sydney Metro projects.

"It is important for the Federal Government to work with both the NSW Government and industry in ensuring the long term viability of this Airport and the key to that is to support it with a robust, efficient transport system."

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