Patrick celebrates first of four new cranes

New crane gets the blessing of Patrick, its customers, and an even higher power

Patrick celebrates first of four new cranes
Patrick's Brisbane terminal is set to receive four more AutoStrad machines, in addition to the Liebherr crane unveiled yesterday


Patrick has unveiled a new crane at its Brisbane terminal, offering the $13 million machine a spiritual start to what it hopes will be a long career at Fisherman Islands.

Reverend Bill Pearson gave a unique blessing in front of the crane and around sixty of Patrick’s staff and customers at a ceremony onsite yesterday.

As honorary chaplain to the Mission of Seafarers in Brisbane, Pearson has blessed a number of ships and their crews. But this was the first time he’d been called upon to give a religious welcome to a piece of stevedoring equipment.

Terminal manager Matt Hollamby says the new Liebherr crane represents a vital investment in the Brisbane operation, and thus deserving of its own spiritual insurance.

"This investment has been made for one reason and one reason alone," he says. "This ensures that the service levels we provide to our shipping company customers are as good as they possibly can be."

The new crane will be joined by four additional Kalmar AutoStrad straddle carriers later this month.

"This crane, together with the additional four AutoStrads we have just taken delivery of are a tangible demonstration that this company is here to stay and intends to make good on the promise to its clients of superlative customer service," Hollamby says.

Patrick has also commissioned a further three Liebherr cranes for its newly-automated Sydney operation. These will be delivered later this year.

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