Delivery drivers celebrate loading zone back down

One hundred short-term parking spaces in Sydney’s CBD have been saved from plans for new bicycle lanes

Delivery drivers celebrate loading zone back down
Loading zones survive cycling push for now.


The NSW state government has backed off a plan to remove close to 100 loading zone spaces from the Sydney central business district.

The anti-congestion strategy also involved removing regular kerbside parking in an effort to promote more through traffic, in addition to a series of cycle lanes in the city.

The Transport Workers Union says it advocated tirelessly against the planned changes, in particular the removal of loading zones in Castlereigh Street.

"Without loading zones, our members, thousands of whom are small business owner drivers, would have had to cart goods across busy streets and pavements from loading zones well away from where they were delivering to," it says today.

"Delivery drivers are essential to the central business district – between the businesses, offices, restaurants and online shopping deliveries the demand [today] is greater than ever."

The plan has not been completely abandoned. Rather, the state government says they are on hold until the completion of the Sydney Light Rail project in George Street. This is currently due to finish in 2018.

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