Amazon job listings hint at possible international expansion

Silicon Valley tech giant might expand same-day delivery to international markets.

Amazon job listings hint at possible international expansion
Amazon could bring its same-day delivery service to international markets

Amazon has posted five job listings on its website that might indicate that it is looking to expand its same-day delivery service to overseas markets.

The job openings list a key responsibility for the roles as being able to "Engage with international teams to drive Same-Day programs globally."

In a select number of US cities, Amazon lets customers pay an extra delivery fee in order to get their package delivered on the same day that it was ordered.

Currently Amazon’s primary Australian presence is its eBook store, though it does have a limited selection of items that it ships internationally. However freight-forwarding services, such as Australia Post’s recently-launched ShopMate service, are growing in popularity and allow users to circumvent geographical restrictions.

Amazon also recently posted an opening for a software development job located in Brisbane. The job is for Amazon’s grocery delivery subsidiary called AmazonFresh, a service that is also limited to a handful of US cities.

Though the expansion of AmazonFresh into Australia is anything but confirmed, the online marketplace veteran certainly possesses the potential to challenge the online grocery seller incumbents at Coles and Woolworths.

Amazon has said in a previous job listing that its long-term vision is that "customers can order and receive a sellers' product the same day anywhere in the world."

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