Forklift Championships to reflect changing face of sector

Emphasis on safety and growing numbers of female entrants to mark this year’s competition

Forklift Championships to reflect changing face of sector
The annual AWA Forklift Championships will be held in Brisbane


Developments in the warehousing and materials-handling sectors will be on show in this year’s Forklift Championships.

To be held by the Australian Warehousing Association (AWA) in Brisbane on Friday, November 28, the event will see a focus on work health and safety (WHS) and feature a growing number of female entrants.

The AWA points out that forklift operation is now classed by the government as high-risk work that has attracted more compliance checks by inspectors. 

"The current assessment tools to obtain a forklift are very different to the past and include WHS legislation, calculations and wide and varied forklift theory and practical operation," it says. 

"Gone are the "old days" where a wink and a nod got a licence. 

The Forklift Championship is focused on safety and safe operation in a small area where eye and hand skill coordination are tested to the max."

Every contestant starts with a score of zero and points are added when an error is made.  For example, not wearing a seat belt will be a penalty of 3 points. 

The AWA also notes the influx of females into the sector is having an effect on the spread of entrants.

"Every year the number of female forklift contestants grows," it says. 

"The judges have been very impressed with the quality of driving with only a few points’ variation between the top male and female. 

"The number of female of warehouse managers has increased significantly, in what was ‘male dominated’ in the past." 

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