Therapeutic goods recall system up and running

GS1 Australia hails system’s launch, highlighting national safety improvements

Therapeutic goods recall system up and running
Standardised recall program backed by health providers


GS1 Australia’s therapeutic goods recall process will be underway today, the supply chain standards organisation has announced.

GS1 Recallnet Healthcare, an electronic product recall notification management system for therapeutic goods, is going ‘live’.

It was developed over four years by GS1 Australia in association with the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), state and territory health departments and a number of medical device and pharmaceutical suppliers and industry associations.

"Therapeutic product recalls always present a significant challenge to the Australian healthcare industry and this portal will improve the therapeutic product recall notification process for the benefit and safety of all Australians," GS1 Australia CEO Maria Palazzolo says.

The portal will allow users to create recall and non-recall notifications that follow the uniform recall procedure for therapeutic goods (URTPG) guidelines, as well as submit recall notifications directly to the TGA for review and approval.

"By committing to one standardised program, Australian healthcare organisations will ensure the recall of products is as efficient, consistent and immediate as possible," according to NEHTA CEO Peter Fleming.

Since the official launch of GS1 Recallnet Healthcare in late 2013, Queensland Health, Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) and SA Health have run mock recall projects to test and updated their procedure manuals and guidelines so they are familiar with the functionality of the system.

The system’s key users will be health product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, health departments, hospitals, government agencies, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

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