Thinking inside the box

Australian company Custom Boxes is helping businesses improve their supply chain by delivering the right box for every job

Thinking inside the box
Thinking inside the box

September 13, 2013

A new solution from Australian company Custom Boxes
offers the
manufacture of the right box for every job, on demand and just-in-time with no minimum order.

"Previously, custom made boxes were only available to larger organisations which
could afford to purchase and shelve minimum orders of at least 500 units," confirms Custom Boxes Owner Takis Valasidis (pictured).

"Cusom Boxes will allow customers to create their own box to their exact specifications in whatever quantity they require."

According to Valasidis, the savings to businesses could be immense.

"Using the right box size minimises packaging and filling expenditure by eliminating unnecessary empty space," he says.

"This reduces the amount of time each box takes to pack, resulting in greater warehouse productivity.

"With no minimum order and fast turnaround, warehouses can also store more products by freeing up shelf space formerly occupied by packaging supplies," Valasidis says.

Valasidis says he saw a gap in the market when he was struggling to find suitable boxes for his product distribution company ‘Workplace Needs’.

"I had tried to find custom boxes for my own business but soon learned that the larger suppliers had minimum orders that were beyond my budget and requirements," Valasidis says.

"I knew that there were many other businesses in the same situation so I set out to do something about it. Now every business has access to a supply of custom boxes regardless of how big their orders are."

adds Custom Boxes has invested significantly in advanced machinery and a dedicated factory to be able to supply the market with an accessible solution.

The machinery has been proven in international markets with a strong response from pick and pack industries, manufacturers of bulky goods, flat-pack retailers and art logistics providers.

Based in Sydney, Custom Boxes delivers bespoke packaging solutions to organisations Australia-wide, backed by friendly and responsive customer service and advice.

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