The Reject Shop targets labelling productivity

The Reject Shop has implemented an innovative new mobile printing solution

The Reject Shop targets labelling productivity
The Reject Shop targets labelling productivity

August 2, 2013

The Reject Shop (TRS) has implemented an innovative new mobile printing solution.

The wireless solution, which utilises Zebra Technologies’ new QLn series of portable direct thermal mobile label printers, has been progressively rolled out across TRS’ national network of over 266 stores.

TRS Chief Information Officer Darren O’Connor says the newly integrated solution has significantly streamlined its in-store printing requirements.

"Our business has a very dynamic range of SKUs, with a high volume of seasonal products," O’Connor says.

"This means shelf and product labelling is an on-going and fairly labour-intensive task within our stores."

Prior to implementing the new mobile printing solution, all The Reject Shop’s shelf and product labelling was generated by A4 printers in the back-of-store.

"When stores received new stock, which is almost a daily occurrence in our business, the need to create new shelf and product labels often created a bottleneck, particularly during high volume seasonal periods such as Christmas and Easter," O’Connor says.

"When labels had been printed, team members would then go to various locations throughout the store applying the labels to locations and SKUs, with the disconnect between the printing process and the actual application of the labels occasionally causing accuracy issues.

"Staff also spent a lot of time walking back and forth between the storefront and back-of-store, to collect their next batch."

In addition, O’Connor says when labels are occasionally damaged, the Zebra mobile printers can quickly fix any problems on the spot.

"This saves the time wasted in having to revisit the location."

O’Connor adds is very happy with performance of the new mobile printing solution.

"It has increased productivity at our stores, eliminated the potential for errors, reduced our printing and labelling costs, and improved our supply chain velocity by enabling us to get stock onto the shelves faster than before," he says.

The mobile printing solution was rolled out to TRS’ 266 stores over four months.

"The feedback from store team members has been overwhelmingly positive," O’Connor adds.

"It removes a constant source of frustration in waiting for labels to print, and gives them the tools to get on with their job."

TRS worked with systems provider Dematic to design the printer provisioning, and printer discovery systems to allow printers to be moved from store to store with no reconfiguration of any system to enable their use.

Features of the Zebra Technologies QLn Mobile Printer

The QLn320 mobile printer is a small format printer capable of printing labels up to 75mm wide. It is carried in a belt-mounted holster, making it easy for the operator to detach labels as they print, and to quickly change printing media when required.

The QLn mobile printer features a new seamless, one-piece design and tempered-glass display. Together with the unit’s rubber-infused protective moulding, this makes the lightweight printer even more durable and resistant to damage if dropped.

The unit has a large, sharp, easier-to-navigate display; faster, higher-quality printing; and provides a variety of proactive alerts, including low-battery warnings that helps keep working printers in employees’ hands for longer.

The QLn is also easy to integrate into existing wireless environments and improves network performance with features including 802.11n wireless LAN capability for more robust and reliable connectivity and throughput.

Other features include:
• Reduced training requirements and fast user acceptance
• Increased operator productivity and process efficiency
• Easy-to-navigate controls and interface, including help menu and alert messages
• Easy to carry and store with smaller, lighter printer design
• Faster, higher-quality printing with the ability to store more complex fonts, graphics and images
• Lower power use for long-lasting battery performance, through Zebra’s new Power Smart Print Technology
• Faster processing and throughput for higher performance
• Increased memory, which manages the printer’s advanced functions and future firmware improvements
• New, convenient charging accessories
• Simplified pro-active maintenance through printer alert messages, smart battery charge and health status, and printhead cleaning how-to’s

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