Solar power adds value for CDM Logistics

Logistics and warehousing company cuts costs and increases its value by installing Sun Connect solar systems

Solar power adds value for CDM Logistics
Solar power adds value for CDM Logistics

August 27, 2013

Logistics and warehousing company CDM Logistics has cut costs and increased its value by installing solar systems from Sun Connect.

consortium of five regional carriers, CDM Logistics added commercial solar power its Sydney and Melbourne transport terminals.

Two 50 kilowatt systems were installed to the company's 11,000 square metres of roof space in Sydney and 4,000 squares metres of roof space in Melbourne.

CDM Logistics Chief Executive Officer Alfred Colvin says solar power is a smart solution to combat electricity costs while adding value to the business.

"Installing to at our Sydney terminal and a made economic and environmental sense," Colvin says.

"Economically, there are savings on reduced power bills in the face of electricity price hikes. Financially we had anticipated a cost neutral situation for eight years, then free electricity once we owned the system.

"However, in Melbourne the electricity retailer has already given us a $2,000 credit for the first quarter," he says.

At the same time Colvin says the logistics and warehousing provider is mitigating the pending cost of carbon emissions and enhancing its green credentials in-line with company environmental policies.

But Colvin adds solar power is increasingly considered a valuable asset to property owners or lessors alike.

"The resale or leasing appeal of our Melbourne warehouse, for example, with a proven track-record of significantly reduced power bills and lower running costs will invariably be higher than warehouses in similar locations without solar power," he says.

A report released recently by Sunwiz and Solar Business Services confirms
commercial solar power is on a swift growth curve.

The report
reveals the five-year forecast for solar power shows the Australian photo-voltaic market, which is currently at 2.5GW will likely grow three or four-fold by 2017.

It also predicts in 2014, the
commercial solar market’s top end could be as high as 350MW, equating to a level of usage equal to that of the entire solar market in Australia in 2010.

Sun Connect, the solar company responsible for CDM Logistics’ solar installation adds it has witnessed a dramatic rise in solar installations throughout Australia’s commercial and manufacturing sectors.

"With fossil fuel generated electricity prices rising and renewable energy grid parity now a reality, the value proposition of solar power is on the uptake in Australia’s business sector," says Sun Connect Chief Executive Officer Mark Tuke.

"By the end of July 2013, Sun Connect had helped more than 80 businesses switch to solar power, reducing their exposure to electricity price hikes and giving them access to government incentives,"
Tuke says.

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