Yowie wrapped to launch in US

A high-speed wrapping machine for Yowie chocolates is on track for the brand's inaugural product launch in the US

March 25, 2013

The chocolate
company sharing a name with a mythical Australian hominid is a step closer to commissioning a high-speed wrapping machine in Germany in
preparation for
its inaugural product launch in the United States.

Yowie Group announced today to the Australian Securities Exchange it had commenced production of the capsules
needed to commission a new Yowie ‘high-speed, technically-advanced' wrapping machine.

According to the Yowie Group, factory testing of the machine is expected to be completed by mid-June this year.

Once factory commissioning is complete, the wrapping machine will be moved to the
group's US manufacturing site for the Yowie brand’s first US production run.

Yowie products, which are known for their chocolate and toy combination concept, similar to Ferrero's Kinder Surprise, are scheduled for release in the US market by the end of this year.

"Commissioning the wrapping machine is another significant step in realising the company’s planned rollout into the US market, reinforcing the Yowie Group Limited’s strategy and commitment to becoming a respected and successful global brand company," Company Secretary Jerry Monzu says in a statement.

Yowie products were first launched by Cadbury in 1997 and reportedly recorded retail sales of $100 million across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Britain in their first two years.

However, due to poor growth, Yowie was dropped in Australia and New Zealand from 2005.

New business opportunity was identified for the Yowie Brand in the US after Kraft took over Cadbury.

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