Dematic unveils RapidStore UL

Dematic's RapidStore UL is a new Automated Storage and Retrieval System for fast, safe, efficient handling of unit loads

Dematic unveils RapidStore UL
Dematic unveils RapidStore UL

February 5, 2013

Dematic's RapidStore UL is a new Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for fast, safe, efficient handling of unit loads like pallets.

Delivering an outstanding combination of quality, impressive performance and unbeatable value, RapidStore UL systems are available in a range of sizes and speeds to precisely match storage and handling requirements.

They are suitable for both new and existing facilities.

Optimising space efficiency and performance
Compared to conventional storage systems and materials handling equipment, RapidStore UL requires a much smaller building footprint to house the same number of pallets or unit loads, substantially reducing associated land, building and/or leasing costs.

RapidStore UL offers faster cycle times than manually operated narrow aisle forklifts and, with the ability to run 24/7, the fully automated systems greatly reduce labour and operating costs, providing an excellent return on investment.

RapidStore UL systems economically handle loads up to 1,800 kg in aisles only 200 mm wider than the load. Systems can be up to 46 m high, with throughput rates of up to 60 double cycles per hour depending on load weight, system height and aisle length.

Dematic RapidStore UL applications
Ideal for bulk reserve storage in fast moving pallet and unit load handling operations, RapidStore UL can be tailored to the user’s precise storage and handling requirements.

Whether it’s putting away pallet load deliveries from suppliers in a retail warehouse or storing new unit loads straight off the end of a production line, RapidStore UL provides safe, accurate and accelerated handling in a compact area.

There are five models in the RapidStore UL family.

With lightweight single masts and fast operating speeds of up to 4 m/second, the RapidStore UL1000 and UL1200 provide high-speed handling of loads of up to 1,200 kg to 30 m high.

For those who are seeking to replace forklifts in warehouses with existing rack, the RapidStore UL1400 RF is the ideal retrofit option.

The UL1400 RF is equipped with rotating forks enabling pallets to be fully turned in the aisle for fast handling, and it can handle loads up to 1,360 kg to 18 m high.

With fast acceleration and travel speed, the RapidStore UL1500 is capable of handling loads up to 1,500 kg to 46 m high. The UL1500 can also be modified for chiller and freezer operations, and may be fitted with an optional operator cabin.

For dense storage of large or heavy loads, the RapidStore UL1800 can handle loads up to 1,800 kg to 33.5 m high and can store pallets up to three deep.

Applications include archives, automotive and operations requiring the automated handling and storage of heavy unit loads.

Integrated pallet in-feed/out-feed stations
Dematic manufactures a comprehensive range of pallet conveyors and has extensive experience in implementing pallet in-feed and out-feed stations to suit customer requirements.

From low cost, fixed-position pick-up and deposit (P&D) stations through to integrated pallet conveyors, transfer cars and monorail systems, Dematic can provide an efficient solution to transfer goods in and out of the RapidStore UL system, seamlessly linking receiving, manufacturing, quality control, put-away, palletising and despatch.

Expert configuration ensures material flow is closely managed, eliminating bottlenecks in a range of staging, buffering, loading and unloading applications, optimising system performance.

Intelligent location control
Dematic’s Location Control Software (LCS) interfaces with the user’s WMS or ERP providing full system accountability and a high degree of management control.

Integrated IT systems provide precise machine control and real-time visualisation capability, with a user-friendly interface displaying operating status and full service diagnostics.

State of the art controls and integrated IT systems include the latest in laser and barcode closed-loop positioning technologies for fast, safe, accurate operation.

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