Qubiqa layer picker is tried and true

Danish company Qubiqa’s patented layer picker can replace manual handling approximately 4 million times annually

Qubiqa layer picker is tried and true
Qubiqa layer picker is tried and true

March 27, 2012

Danish company Qubiqa’s patented layer picker can replace manual handling approximately 4 million times annually.

With more than
ten years on the market over 160 operating systems worldwide, the Qubiqa layer picker has been delivered to a wide range of the largest manufacturers, distributors and retail chains of the world – as well as to their suppliers of total inventory- and logistics solutions.

They are all still in operation.

Developed and marketed by
a merger of five highly specialised Danish storage and logistics companies, the layer picker system has four picking positions, enabling up to four orders to be picked concurrently.

The 4-axis picker uses a dual bellows and vacuum-gripping head, which can handle more than 95 percent of all retail goods - safely, precisely and gently.

To pick up a layer, the bellows inflate and close around the product to create a seal. The vacuum head exerts just enough pressure to gently pick up the layer while minimising product damage.

This system allows the picker to handle a variety of pallet configurations. A single system can build up to 300 layers an hour, composed of a wide range of goods in boxes, trays, cartons, bottles, bags etc.

Of the 160 layer pickers currently in operation, about 100 are running in Europe, and the rest in USA, Canada and Australia.

include Coca Cola, Nestlé, Proctor & Gamble as well as several large integrators,
such as
Dematic, Witron, Swisslog, Daifuku and Schäfer.

Logistics and transport company Kuhne + Nagel installed some of the first Qubiqa layer pickers.

Operating within the company’s central distribution centers in Veghel and Ultrecht, the Netherlands, the layer pickers
have enabled the automation of large parts of manual picking processes from warehouse to pallets.

"With a product range which is so diverse like ours, it’s a huge bonus for us to work with the automated Layer Picking solution from Qubiqa which can handle almost all types of products," says Kuehne + Nagel's Tim Beckmann, who is experienced with the company's four layer pickers.

Two of the systems were installed in 2003, one in 2008, and the latest one, the Layer Picker Flex, which is mounted on a robot, was installed in 2011.

"Our picking process has now become so efficient that it really provides us a significant competitive advantage," Beckmann adds.

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