Dematic unveils robotic picking system

A new integrated robotic layer picking solution from logistics systems specialist Dematic increases throughput efficiency by 150 percent

Dematic unveils robotic picking system
Dematic unveils robotic picking system

March 16,2012

A new integrated robotic layer picking solution from logistics systems specialist Dematic increases throughput efficiency by 150 percent.

This is achieved by the combination of an advanced robotic layer picker with patented software, which not only
efficiency, but in some cases, eliminates as much as 80 percent of manual handling.

Dematic’s puts the system's very high throughput rates
down to
its patented FreePick Maximiser software.

By cross-matching orders and pairing those with compatible order profiles, FreePick Maximiser enables up to 50 percent of goods to be distributed without them being handled at all.

The PickDirector warehouse control system initiates picking and orders the stock required for layer picking in the sequence required to fulfil the next wave of orders.

Pallets of stock are automatically conveyed to the layer picking robot where they go direct to one of several pick and put locations, which enable several orders to be picked concurrently.

While the software requests pallets to arrive at the layer picking robot in a particular sequence to suit order assembly, the reality is that pallets occasionally turn up out of sequence.

Buffer storage locations enable such pallets to be temporarily stored online until required. An empty pallet station accommodates the production of multiple layer sandwich pallets.

As new pallets of stock are fed into the system, the layer picker selects the required layers and transfers the stock to customer order pallets.

Any stock remaining on a pallet either forms the basis for another order using the system’s FreePick Maximiser software, or is returned to reserve storage.

The 4-axis layer picking robot is equipped with a Qubiqa patented vacuum head for better handling reliability.

When the robot is directed to pick up a layer, the bellows inflate and close around the product creating a seal. The vacuum exerts just enough pressure to pick up the layer, minimising the potential for product damage during handling.

The vacuum gripper head offers the maximum versatility in product handling, making it suitable for picking layers from any pallet stacking pattern, even those that have a hole in the middle, and it is capable of picking the widest range of products from cartons and cases to bags, sacks, cans and bottles.

Completed orders are conveyed to despatch through check weighing, stretch wrapping and labelling meaning even greater savings in reduced handling.

uperior pallet build quality improves transport utilisation, with less handling damage and fewer returns.

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