WA industrial estate dumps supplier for Konecranes

WA Industrial property developer dumps supplier, orders another 10 Konecranes overhead single girder cranes instead

WA industrial estate dumps supplier for Konecranes
WA industrial estate dumps supplier for Konecranes

February 24, 2012

Industrial property developer J&P Group has dumped the supplier at its new industrial estate at near Bunbury in Western Australia
and ordered another 10 Konecranes single girder overhead cranes instead.

Negotiations are underway for further crane orders following the first delivery.

J&P Group has so far erected four sheds on the estate, housing a total of six overhead cranes each with a span of 21 metres. The estate will eventually have around 100 industrial sheds.

While the project was originally being serviced by a competitor crane supplier, dissatisfaction led to the changeover.

"Service was the issue, which is why we chose Konecranes instead," says J&P Group Financial Controller Jim Zheng.

While tennants of the new industrial estate are typically mining and refining companies, J&P Group is also currently in the process of signing up an international engineering firm.

Konecranes is now negotiating with J&P Group for the supply of a further 10 single girder cranes for the Picton site.

Meanwhile the property developer is talking to a prospective tenant who requires three or four sheds, each one housing up to 10 cranes.

"J&P Group has also recently signed an ongoing service agreement for Konecranes to provide routine maintenance for the
six new Konecranes overhead cranes and the three overhead cranes previously purchased by J&P Group from several other crane manufacturers."

Konecranes overhead cranes are designed to eliminate unused or under-utilised square metres by operating closer to the walls and lifting the load higher.

Other features include:

High performance hoisting motors with 60 per cent ED rating, which combine extra power with superior cooling characteristics. The hoisting motors also have the power and flexibility for temporary peak usage situations.

Built-in durability and performance combined with gears of extreme accuracy, with hardened and ground helical gearwheels and corrosion-proof housing, which means trouble-free operation even after years of intensive use.

Fast and accurate load positioning with True Lift as standard, which means the hook moves horizontally only 5mm during a one-metre lift.

Because of the innovative mechanical design of the hoists, with a large rope drum diameter and a short drum length, the horizontal travel of the hook during lowering is minimal.

Ergonomic hook design, which makes rigging of the load safer, while the rope drum to rope diameter ratio is more than double that of conventional designs. The innovative design of the hoists, with a large rope drum diameter, reduces the stress and wear of the lifting rope.

Durable adjustment-free and dust-proof high performance brakes for safety and bottom-line reliability. For special demanding applications the hoists can be equipped with a second brake.

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