Nippon Steel Vietnam installs Konecranes SMARTON

Konecranes provided Nippon Steel Pipe Vietnam’s new factory with the large overhead cranes required to lift and move hot coil and other product

Nippon Steel Vietnam installs Konecranes SMARTON
Nippon Steel Vietnam installs Konecranes SMARTON

December 2, 2011

Konecranes provided Nippon Steel Pipe Vietnam’s (NPV) new factory with the large SMARTON overhead cranes required to lift and move hot coil and other product.

As port and other infrastructure developments gear up in Vietnam, Nippon Steel decided to set up its first production facility outside Japan in the Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, southeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Nippon Steel Pipe Vietnam will now manufacture the steel pipe piles used for wharf pilings, motorway foundations, wall retention during excavation, land protection from sea encroachment, and similar applications.

It began producing spiral welded pipe and seamless steel pipe from hot coil and ribbed hot coil in 2011.

The three Konecranes cranes used at NPV include one 35 ton overhead crane for moving the raw materials and two 23 ton overhead cranes that are commonly employed in tandem for lifting and shifting the long lengths of manufactured pipe.

Steel pipe piles are typically made in lengths up to 30 metres, with orders for hundreds of pipes at a time. The pipes have high drivability into earth substructures and high reliability in use. As well, they require only a small foundation size and a short construction period.

The Konecranes SMARTON cranes at NPV are customised, intelligent and environmentally sustainable solution for demanding heavy process uses.

SMARTON cranes are designed to maximise safety while minimising energy consumption and downtime.

NPV uses an innovative tandem-crane method of moving the lengthy completed pipes within the factory. This method has improved the handling of the pipes, while contributing to operator safety and ease of use, and also extending the life of the crane lifting cables.

"Using the two cranes in tandem works very well for us," says NPV General Manager (Mechanical), Construction Group Yoichi Maeda.

"By suspending the long sections of pipe from two points at once, we have good control over the lifting process. The pipe doesn’t sway, which is a big safety benefit for the protection of the operators on the factory floor.

"The operators don’t require specialised knowledge or training in moving and positioning loads when the tandem method of lifting is used. They find it very good and simple.

"Prevention of swaying of the load also ensures long life of the wire ropes supporting the load. They’re not subject to stressful twisting motions," he says.

Further safety protection for the crane operators is provided by the radio controls of the overhead cranes, which means that the operators can be well clear of the load when it is moved.

Applications of SMARTON cranes, in capacities initially up to 250 tons and progressively extending to 500, include steel and paper plants, automotive and general manufacturing, energy plants, waste-to-energy, automatic storage systems, workshops and mining and resources facilities.

Because they are compact, SMARTON cranes can save building and building services costs by fitting into smaller structures. This enables new industrial halls, for example, to be smaller than before, so the product pays back in the form of lower construction and heating expenses.

The compact structure of SMARTON also allows the user to put the load down much closer to the wall.

All three Konecranes cranes at NPV also have provision for TruView, which enables cranes to be remotely supervised 24 hrs via a SIM card or WiFi. This hardware is installed on all SMARTON cranes and can be fitted to Konecranes’ other crane types.

The Konecranes cranes at NPV
benefit from the DynaPilot sway control system, which eliminates load swing to optimise the use of the crane’s speed and acceleration while still allowing the operator to position the load accurately.

DynaPilot delivers precise load control, improves productivity and increases safety in the factory. This is very important in environments involving heavy and valuable loads.

DynaPilot sway control is integrated into the crane’s inverter drive and so requires no additional mechanical components.

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