BEUMER troughed belt conveyor

BEUMER supplies a conveyor capable of negotiating horizontal curves to preserve the environment

BEUMER troughed belt conveyor
BEUMER troughed belt conveyor

October 25, 2011

Intralogistics specialist BEUMER has delivered its troughed belt conveyor to a leading manufacturer of lime products in Northern Europe.

Headquartered in Pargas, Finland, the company will put
the new
8.7 km long troughed belt conveyor into operation in the northern region of Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea.

This is the location of the largest mining site for limestone in Scandinavia.

Every hour, 1,500 tons of limestone will be transported from the new quarry in Bunge where the limestone is mined to the plant in Storungs, where it will be graded and stockpiled.

It was crucial for the company to preserve the island's countryside during transport.

This goal was achieved, because the BEUMER troughed belt conveyor can navigate particularly tight horizontal curves, allowing for flexible, continuous routing and the opportunity to bypass sensitive areas or to negotiate obstacles such as rivers, streets and rail.

With the conveyor, even the existing terrain can be preserved.

"The BEUMER troughed belt conveyor was a clear favourite of ours compared to other transport options," says Nordkalk Plant Manager Mikael Lindberg.

"It uses little energy, is quiet and environmentally friendly."

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