New reach truck from Nissan Forklift

Nissan Powerlift has added to its line up of warehouse forklifts with the launch its latest reach truck, the RG Series

New reach truck from Nissan Forklift
New reach truck from Nissan Forklift

September 26, 2011

Powerlift has added to its line up of warehouse forklifts with the launch its latest reach truck, the RG Series.

Years in the making, the RG Series is the product of typical Nissan Forklift attention to detail.

The company claims numerous truck operators and logistics managers have been interviewed and scientific studies on ergonomics and repetitive-strain injuries have been performed as part of its development.

"Additionally, fine-tuning has been performed with a range of customers in the toughest applications," the company says.

"As a result, the new Nissan Forklift RG Series offers industry-leading operator comfort and safety.


The RG Series’ operator compartment is multi adjustable for left-and-right armrests and seat position.

Even the floor height is electrically adjustable to accommodate all operator sizes, while the optional ERGO Logic joystick provides up to nine different mast-related functions.

The specially shaped seat backrest is easily switched for looking to the left or right and the slide-down and tilt-back function supports the operator while working at high-lifting heights.

Hands-free direction control, optimal LCD display placement, keyboard and (optional) writing desk all contribute to a relaxed working space, resulting in a more productive operator.

Together with the unique mini-steering wheel in-armrest, the RG Series offers industry leading ergonomics.


The Nissan Forklift AC TECH controller provides productive, reliable and cost-effective truck operation.

With this advanced technology the options to enhance productivity are significant; including automatic horizontal fork levelling, sideshift centering, load-weight indication and double-deep storage.

The unique Level Assistance System – or Level Selector – helps the operator go to preset lifting heights in the racking at the push of a button, greatly reducing the time spent on positioning.

Other productivity options such as 360 degree steering and video camera support are also available.

"The RG Series’ performance is top notch, with drive speeds to 14.5 km/h and lift speeds to 700 mm/s and manoeuvrability in small aisles is also amongst the industry’s best," the company says.

"Uptime is maximised by 1000 hour service intervals, long-life hydraulic fluid with 6 percent energy reduction and the HSHL® drive wheel for reduced wear.

"It all means less maintenance and increased working time."

Batteries can be exchanged quickly, with three systems to assist:
• Reach-out battery
• Sideways battery roll-out
• Motor powered battery roll-out, allowing battery change by just pressing a button

The RG Series’ modular design makes it easy to reach parts and exchange them individually, while the number of parts has been reduced to keep replacement costs low.

Additionally, a number of optional truck protection systems are available:
• Straddle wheel protection
• Cold store protection
• Battery cover

Built-In Test Equipment (BITE)
The RG Series utilises BITE, an integrated diagnostics system that allows for easy troubleshooting and reduces maintenance downtime.

No additional computer equipment is needed, while the standard log-on function restricts truck access to authorised operators.

A valid PIN-code must be entered before operation and can be assigned to an individual performance profile.


addition, the RG Series’ safety package is based on Nissan Forklift’s RRS (Risk Reduction System) and makes a major contribution to operator safety:
• Stability support system (S3)
• Excellent all-round visibility
• Automatic parking brake
• Mast lock system
• Impact sensors (optional)
• Active Spin Reduction (ASR) (optional)

ASR senses when a drive wheel is slipping over a wet surface and reduces acceleration accordingly to regain grip. As a result the operator can continue safely and wheel wear is reduced.

The RG Series features reach trucks from 1.2 to 2.5 tonne load capacity and a wide variety of masts, with lifting heights to 12.1 meters while keeping optimal load capacities.

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