BAE Systems installs Metalsistem racking

Metalsistem Australia installs its Super 123 shelving system as a two tier configuration at BAE System’s South Australian site

BAE Systems installs Metalsistem racking
BAE Systems installs Metalsistem racking

June 28, 2011

Metalsistem Australia has
installed its Super 123 shelving system as a two tier configuration at BAE System’s South Australian site.

The storage company's boltless modular shelving Super 123 provides a flexible solution allowing BAE
to efficiently store its wide range of products, which vary from single washers to long and bulky components and assemblies.

Featuring fully adjustable shelves, modular accessories and high strength, the solution allows BAE Systems to take full advantage of storage space.

It is suitable for the construction of two or three-tier installations as well as a loading area.

BAE Systems Australia designs, develops and implements advanced defence and aerospace solutions. The company is one of the Australian Defence Force's
leading suppliers of integrated military systems and support solutions.

The sensitive, complicated and mission-critical nature of the BAE Systems’ products means that once products enter the company’s supply chain, they must be traceable and documented at all times.

Adding to this layer of complexity, ADF supply chains do not bar code line items but allocate them with a unique reference number.

Owing to this traceability requirement, otherwise identical items received at different times are recorded separately.

Because the majority of the 48,000 items are small, defence sensitive components and parts, the fit-out of any new warehousing system has to
offer the modular ability to host all the small parts in an organised and controlled way.

The Super 123 and UNIRACK series
made of zinc-coated high-tensile steel and have unlimited capacity for small parts storage along with a sophisticated flooring system.

The coloured bins, from the company’s ‘Plastic Line’ range, are cold, heat and chemical-resistant, withstanding temperatures from -40 to +80ºC. They are unaffected by acids, oils, solvents and caustic detergents.

Metalsistem’s multi-tiered structures and mezzanines are increasingly being employed in various installations nationwide.

With tested structural integrity and quality, the systems have the ability to utilise floor plans to their utmost capacity by taking full advantage of warehouse height and overall space.

The Metalsistem range of storage systems are distinct in design and vary depending on the given application.

According to Metalsistem Director Oshi Kirk
the right storage system has the potential to transform storage and picking processes and improve overall productivity, ultimately adding a new or revived dimension to warehousing processes.

"Our system is designed with the principle that each client is different and provides the right solution by focusing on their specific needs and tailoring a specific design that will benefit their particular business," Kirk says.

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