TALC 'breach' raises ALC ire

An article allegedly posted in the Transport and Logistics Centre website news section prompted an angry response from the ALC last week

TALC 'breach' raises ALC ire
TALC breach raises ALC ire

By Anna Game-Lopata | May 23, 2011

An article allegedly posted in the Transport and Logistics Centre (TALC) website news section prompted an angry response from the Australian Logistics Council
last week.

Australian Logistics Council CEO Michael Kilgariff claims the document, which has now been pulled from the TALC site, went "beyond the usual criticism" one would usually expect on a news site.

Kilgariff says he was moved to make a reply to the article, allegedly written by TALC Managing Director Dr Daryll Hull and titled "Who speaks for the T&L industry?".

"Daryll made some comments about changes that have been made to ALC which I considered inaccurate, so I lodged a response to the TALC commentary," Kilgariff says.

"Given the fact I felt the commentary about ALC went beyond the normal criticisms that one can put up with, I put a reply on the ALC website."

SCR has so far been unable to make contact with Dr Daryll Hull to confirm the nature and circumstances of the appearance of the document.

However SCRunderstands the article made direct references to the leadership structure of the ALC and questioned its ability to speak for the Australia transport and logistics industry as a whole.

SCRcan confirm a statement on the TALC website intimates a security breach was responsible for the appearance of inappropriate content.

"The TALC website suffered a serious failure in our web based document and file system a few weeks ago," the TALC site announces.

"Confidential documents were made visible via Google search engine. As a consequence we are undertaking a full review of our security procedures.

"We do not know yet if this was a random ‘hack’ of our system which exploited a flaw in one of our web modules, or if it was targeted unauthorised access.

"Until then the TALC web site will operate in ‘safe’ mode.

"We apologise for this inconvenience. We urge any and all visitors to check their own security procedures on any web sites they may have or manage.

"Any documents or URL internet addresses claiming to be legitimate TALC addresses forwarded to you without the specific approval of

TALC should be regarded as suspect until further notice."

Michael Kilgariff says Dr Hull advised him of the breach but
is of the view the TALC news section had always been an "open forum".

"The fact is the article did appear in the TALC general news section which was open to anyone who wanted to click on the website," Kilgariff says.

"Given that Dr Hull was a former board member of the ALC, I did feel it required a response.".

"But I don’t think it will go any further."

Kilgariff’s response has now been removed from the ALC website.

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