Supply Chain Alliance officially launched

Australia’s first collaborative alliance to promote supply chain innovation and research launched today in Sydney

Supply Chain Alliance officially launched
Supply Chain Alliance officially launched

By Anna Game-Lopata | May 2, 2011

Australia’s first collaborative alliance to promote supply chain innovation and research was launched today in Sydney.

Hosted by the 2011 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s International Convention, the Alliance for Supply Chain Innovation (ASCI) was officially presented to over 50 industry representatives and academics.

Victoria University’s Senior Strategy Advisor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Dr Pieter Nagel who has been instrumental in bringing the concept to fruition, says ASCI was born of a sincere need to collaborate amongst universities.

"Supply chain is now a significant dimension of corporate strategy, which brings enormous challenges," Dr Nagel says. "This domain has moved well beyond issues of local transport and logistics, as much as operations are important."

Nagel says the Alliance is focused on user-driven research and industry-government interfaces.

With a number of research organisations on side, ASCI is currently formalising its structures with a view to potentially becoming an incorporated entity.

"The next stage will be bringing industry partnerships into focus to complete the picture," Nagel says.

Victoria University Pro-Vice Chancellor Research and Research Trainer Professor Warren Payne says the university is proud to have sponsored the development of ASCI from inception.

Payne, who was responsible for establishing a similar sport-focused research consortium, says he is looking forward to the development of ASCI as a nationally critical supply chain organisation.

"ASCI has emerged from the realisation that no single research organisation has the expertise alone to fully address the macro challenges that exist across the supply chain industry," Payne says.

"It’s envisaged that the broad membership of ASCI will establish collaborative teams to enable these macro challenges to be met to benefit industry in an efficient and effective manner.

"Victoria University is but one of the equal partners in ASCI," Payne adds.

"However, the role of Victoria University to date reflects its expertise in supply chain and more broadly its expertise in undertaking research relevant to the real world."

Payne says the university is keen for ASCI to emerge as a fully fledged and independent organisation.

"In this way ASCI will be able to undertake its rightful role as a financially and structurally independent research broker and facilitator," he says.

"In order for this to happen it is critical for the entire industry to come on board and support the next stage of ASCI’s development as an independent organisation."

"I wish all those involved with ASCI the very best as they work in partnership with government and the supply chain industry in the coming years."

ASCI participating institutions include Australian Road Research Board, Bond University, CSIRO, Wollongong University, Victoria University, the Universities of Western Sydney and Tasmania, GS1 Australia, the University of South Australia Curtin University, Sydney University of Technology, RMIT University and Monash University.

Affiliates include the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics of Australia and the National Transport Commission.


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