New electric forklift range from Linde

Linde has unveiled a new range of advanced electric forklifts including 19 different standard model versions between two and five tonnes lifting capacity

New electric forklift range from Linde
New electric forklift range from Linde

May 6

Linde has unveiled a new range of advanced electric forklifts including 19 different standard model versions between two and five tonnes lifting capacity.

The company says its new E20-E50 series extends
its technological leadership with numerous innovations which deliver economical energy consumption, high productivity, enhanced driver safety and convenience.

Industry-first traction control, a self activating parking brake for loading ramp safety, breakthrough ergonomics and the advantages of LED technology are all incorporated in the new range.

The 19 models are specified to allow precise matching of forklifts to work roles, with the wide range ensuring customers only pay for what they really need.

All eight different load capacities from two to five tonnes are available in a High design with a centre of gravity of 600 mm for improved visibility over the load and a Flat design with a centre of gravity of 500 mm for low clearance heights, container use or picking work where the driver has to frequently get in and out of the truck.

Customers can also choose from a Long or Compact design for the High or Flat versions. The long models have a larger battery and provide additional energy reserves, but also allow the use of standard pool batteries.

The compact models are recommended for tight, narrow working areas or less demanding use.

A new two-motor front drive is the key to the E20-E50 series producing the highest installed performance in this forklift class. Two rotary current motors power the truck with 9 and 11.9 kW, allowing the machine to reverse quickly and accelerate to a maximum of 20 km/h.

In addition to the standard "Efficiency mode" setting, the new forklifts have two other user selectable settings.

With the even more economical "Economy mode", power can be reduced in favour of lower energy consumption when less power is required.
"Performance mode" provides the highest possible warehouse turnaround.

Even in standard "Efficiency mode" the forklifts represent the benchmark in terms of performance among all forklifts in this lifting capacity class.

Active steering support in conjunction with the top-connected combined steering axle also gives the four-wheeled forklift the turning radius and manoeuvrability of a three-wheeled forklift.

Just launched at the CeMAT 2011 trade fair, the new Linde E20-E50 series has already won the "iF product design award 2011", one of the world's oldest and most renowned industrial design awards.

features include the first forklift traction control system on all models, to ensure a high degree of safety and reliable wheel grip even in poor weather conditions.

The traction control system distributes the drive force of the electric motor individually to both wheel motors and thus ensures that there will be tractive force even if one wheel is spinning.

The new E20-E50 series forklifts also have a self-activating parking brake for safe stops on loading ramps. The brake engages quickly and reliably when the driver gets out. It also enables restarts on slopes without rolling backwards.

Other features in the fully equipped models include an ergonomic armrest which can be adjusted horizontally and vertically with one movement and an optional new air-suspension seat.

Linde has also introduced a precise battery charge display which shows the driver for how much longer the forklift can be driven to the minute, before the battery must be replaced or charged.

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