Multishuttle Flex enhances load handling

Dematic has expanded the Multishuttle range

Multishuttle Flex enhances load handling
Multishuttle Flex enhances load handling
April 21, 2011

Dematic has significantly increased the functionality of its Multishuttle with the development of Multishuttle Flex (MS-Flex), which provides the capability to handle a variety of unit loads, such as totes, trays and cartons, of varying widths and lengths.

Equipped with a telescoping Load Handling Device (LHD), MS-Flex shuttles feature a split chassis design comprising a fixed side (front) and a moveable side (back), which provides the LHD with its flexible width adjustment.

The system is capable of handling products ranging in width from 200-625mm.

MS-Flex is suitable for both single and double deep applications, with loads put-away and retrieved from the storage system using a set of retractable fingers.

With variable length loads, the actual position of where the fingers engage the unit load is dynamic.

The shuttle’s on-board controller uses the length data to calculate where the edge of the load is relative to the fingers.

When required, the telescoping LHD moves at a fast speed to a point prior to finger engagement of the unit load, slows down to engage the item, then accelerates for the rest of the handling cycle, optimising throughput.

Shuttle technology has created a materials handling revolution around the world of logistics, with buffering and sequencing systems that feed ergonomic goods-to-person (GTP) picking stations becoming increasingly popular.

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