Straddle carrier from Konecranes

The new Boxrunner straddle carrier from Konecranes is the flexible link between ship-to-shore cranes and automated yard cranes

Straddle carrier from Konecranes
Straddle carrier from Konecranes

February 23, 2011

Terminal quayside container unloading operations need to be linked flexibly with yard stacking operations.

The new Konecranes Boxrunner straddle carrier offers this kind of unique container handling performance
in two distinct container handling operations.

The first is represented by large container terminal operators that are adopting automation technology for greater efficiency.

The second is a potentially diverse range of companies that do not have container handling as a core competence and yet handle incoming and outgoing materials in containers – often using trucks and trailers or custom-engineered, stationary gantry cranes.

Boxrunner can be a much more effective solution for their container handling needs.

Boxrunner is the product of Konecranes’ long experience in the straddle carrier business and a deep understanding of the needs of container handling operations.

"We listened to our container handling customers and incorporated their feedback resulting in the launch of this special machine, the Boxrunner, a uniquely advanced straddle carrier," says Konecranes Straddle Carriers General Manager Jens Andreas.

"It provides the industry’s highest lifecycle value in the role it was designed for."

The Boxrunner is a machine for professionals who care about long-term benefits based on lifecycle cost calculations that take into account performance metrics, fuel efficiency and maintenance intervals.


The Boxrunner provides large container terminal operators with a flexible and efficient means of moving containers from ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to the automated stacking cranes (ASCs).

Boxrunner can deal with almost any requirement during this phase of the operation such as boosting STS, unloading speed to maximum or handling containers of different ISO sizes.

The Boxrunner is adapted to handle all ISO container sizes, stacking two-high at high speed.

"We have a very simple formula for delivering customer value," says Jens Andreas. "We maximise the productivity of uptime and minimise the cost of downtime with the Boxrunner, thus boosting the productivity of our customers’ operations."

Konecranes designs and manufactures Boxrunner’s key components in-house to make sure they work together flawlessly.

The new straddle carrier is built around a very rigid structure that provides excellent handling performance and direct steering.

Powered by a diesel-electric (DE) drive and rope hoist system, the Boxrunner is offered as a 50 t twin twenty lift machine and as a 40 t single lift machine that can travel at 30 km/h with a 25 m/min hoist speed.

"Boxrunner is a technologically advanced machine that is truly driver-friendly and maintenance-friendly," says Port Cranes Sales Manager Jost Dämmgen.

"We want to deliver high-performance, high-quality vehicles to our customers. The Boxrunner exceeds expectations for drive feel and performance, and meets expectations for reliability, safety and maintenance."


The Boxrunner uses Konecranes’ unique rope and drum hoisting system, a proven technology from the company’s popular rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) and rail mounted gantry cranes (RMGs).

It also has an electronic-hydraulic system with four-cylinder steering for less tire wear, fewer spare parts, a greaseless gantry and very low maintenance.

The driver’s cabin is a model of ergonomic design providing excellent visibility. Its simple controls and displays help to ensure safety, accuracy and speed.

"With space in short supply at ports and quays, the Boxrunner is an excellent choice because it can take on several roles, eliminating the need for other container transport equipment," Andreas says.

"It is very stable and has excellent straight driving characteristics thanks to its 4-axle steering system.

"Comparatively speaking, every operator that has tested the Boxrunner has been impressed by its superior drive feel and sense of control aided by innovative and intelligent displays.

"Moreover, we offer our customers outstanding service packages," he says.

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