Probatt breathes new life into batteries

A battery regeneration schedule with Probatt will double or triple the life of your Deep Cycle Battery

Probatt breathes new life into batteries
Probatt breathes new life into batteries
January 18, 2011

A battery regeneration schedule with Probatt will double or triple the life of your Deep Cycle Battery.

By reversing the sulphation process with Probatt’s unique patented technology you will not need to replace the battery, simply keep the maintenance regeneration ongoing to avoid having to replace the whole battery - the savings to you increase year on year.

Today hundreds of Probatt machines are in service with some of the world's most prominent companies all over the globe.

Probatt Systems are based on groundbreaking electrochemical sulphate reversion technology. The company's products are predominately used by battery and forklift service companies, this is mostly due to the price of the equipment and competence of the personnel required to operate it.

Probatt’s new Macbat Midi machine changes all that. Midi is designed for end-user companies with over ten batteries in operation. It is easy to use, with minimum operator input required, and priced to give the customer a huge economical advantage.

When a battery's energy-charge is drained and reloaded during normal working cycles, sulphate-crystals gradually builds up on the electrodes, preventing the battery from effectively delivering current. These crystals in effect suffocate the battery.

The process of sulphation build up is unavoidable. Worse yet, after 3-4 years the process accelerates substantially; thus the rapid fall at this age in your battery's productivity.

Probatt uses a system branded Macbat, which is designed to restore lost capacity and extend the functional life span of lead-acid batteries.

Through a process known as electrochemical sulphate reversion, Macbat's computerised control system delivers an extremely powerful current spike during its carefully controlled cycle of alternating frequenzy sequences.

This means that sulphation within the battery dissipates, reverting to active material, leaving the lead plates sulphate free, re-energised, charged and ready for use.

The Macbat system allows your batteries to operate at their optimal capacity year after year with reduced equipment maintenance costs.

It is not a method for charging. The Macbat process is best described as electrochemical sulphate reversion.

Put more simply, the Macbat process reverts sulphation that has built up over the life of the battery to active material.

Sulphation is a by-product of the chemical reaction during discharge of the battery. It is by far the most common cause behind battery deterioration and malfunction, and until now there has been no method to remove the long-term build up of sulphation.

Battery charging devices act to convert lead sulphate accumulated during discharge to active material (short-term), but as we will see, they cannot prevent the long-term build up of sulphation.

Although your battery is charged after using the Macbat, it is not intended to charge a battery between cycles.

Rather, it is specifically designed to attack the cause which over time prevents your battery from charging in the first place -- long-term crystallised sulphation build up.

The practical and economical advantages of Probatt will have a significant impact on your year on year operating costs.

Whether you’re a large multinational or a small family business the Probatt deep cycle regeneration system will give you:

• Reduced capital expenditure
• Improved productivity
• More flexible, efficient, and productive battery management
• Improved equipment lease/hire/loan period flexibility
• Reduced energy costs

These benefits can bring your electrical equipment overheads down to a level never previously attainable.

Probatt is the name that goes further than any other in the quest for ultimate battery longevity and efficiency.

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