Dematic Multishuttle solution

Logistics systems supplier Dematic has announced the Dematic Multishuttle® solution an all new way to assemble orders

Dematic Multishuttle solution
Dematic Multishuttle solution

January 18, 2011

Logistics systems supplier Dematic
has announced the Dematic Multishuttle® solution an all new way to assemble orders

Multishuttle is a flexible staging solution for applications that require dynamic product sequencing to support Goods to Person (GTP) order fulfilment, pick face replenishment, palletising, and production buffers.

The Multishuttle system consists of multiple levels of rack structure, carrier vehicles, conveyor and software. An extraction device on each carrier vehicle accesses the loads in the rack.

The Dematic Multishuttle solution is a highly efficient engine that provides precise load sequencing at higher rates, in less space, with more operational flexibility.

Multishuttle is ideal for supplying product to split case picking modules or mixed pallet building operations and can also be applied as a short term buffer storage system, or as a parts support systems for production operations.

The simplicity of the modular carrier vehicles allows high system uptime, system redundancy, low power consumption, and quiet operation.

Dematic says it has recently completed numerous integrated system implementations utilising the new Multishuttle staging buffer.

According to Multishuttle users, the performance attributes that provide the most significant impact to their operations include:

Increased throughput: 4-7 times greater than conventional storage systems

High utilisation: Feeds workstations with high rates to keep workers fully utilised

Smaller footprint: Fewer aisles required to obtain same rate

More layout options: Fits into overhead spaces, under/over obstructions, best cube utilisation

Precise sequencing: Presents loads to pick stations or palletisers in precise sequence

Range of load types: Flex option accommodates multiple load sizes

Energy efficient: Low voltage (24 volts) carrier uses less energy; quiet operation

Redundancy with back-up: Identical carriers provide duplicate service; carriers are interchangeable

Access to stock: Work platforms in the rack aisles allow manual back up picking

Scalability: Add more carriers in future to provide more throughput; captive Multishuttle for high rates (1 Multishuttle per level) or roaming Multishuttle for low rates

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