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Logistics company orders Volvo electric trucks

A well-known logistics group has ordered 44 Volvo electric trucks to be used in Europe

Volvo Trucks and post group DHL have signed an agreement to accelerate the shift towards zero emission vehicles, with DHL ordering 44 new electric Volvo trucks to use in Europe.

DHL says it intends to quicken its transition towards zero exhaust emission vehicles through the purchase of the Volvo heavy electric trucks.

The intended order includes 40 electric trucks consisting of the Volvo FE and FL models which will be used for package deliveries in urban transports.

DHL will also investigate deploying electric trucks for longer routes while the group has also decided to use Volvo trucks for regional hauling with an order of four Volvo FM electric trucks to be used in the UK.

DHL says the first trucks have already been ordered, with DHL Parcel UK ordering six trucks and DHL Freight buying two from Volvo, as the partnership is projected to save nearly 600 tonnes of carbon emissions annually according to DHL and Volvo.

“We are committed to meet growing customer demand for green and sustainable solutions and achieve our long-erm goal of net zero emissions by 2050,” DHL Group executive VP for corporate development Pablo Ciano says.

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“As a logistics service provider, the conversion of our vehicle fleet is important to help us avoid CO2 emissions on the road. Several of our divisions will thus benefit from this agreement with Volvo Trucks.”

The logistics company was fuelled by the positive experience it had using an electric Volvo truck in London since November 2020, as the current use of the truck has helped DHL to continue the transition to lower emission vehicles.

The vehicle was the first fully electric commercial heavy truck used for urban logistics in the UK.

“DHL is an important global logistics provider and together we can make a different for the better,” Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm says.

“I’m proud we will work in the spirit of partnership, aiming to reach our science-based targets to reduce our climate impacts.”

The agreement includes adopting new Volvo technologies and joint development activities regarding the electrification of DHL’s fleet.

Volvo Trucks will also analyse its fleet used in DHL’s transport operations to ensure it successfully deploys electrical transport solutions for the logistics company.

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