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Linfox gains first Euro 6 Benz prime movers

Low emissions and high safety profile central to new deal


Linfox has taken delivery of its first new generation Mercedes-Benz trucks.

The company had placed an order for 45 of the Euro 6 trucks to be delivered through to the end of the first quarter of the year.

This follows the delivery of 55 previous generation Mercedes-Benz trucks. 

Six of the new Mercedes-Benz 2653 units, which feature a 13-litre six-cylinder engine that generating 530hp (395kW), were recently delivered to the Linfox yard in West Melbourne, where Daimler Truck and Bus president and CEO Daniel Whitehead, handed the keys to Linfox executive chairman Peter Fox.

“Daimler Trucks, and especially Mercedes-Benz, has had a very long and successful relationship with Linfox and it is great to see the next chapter in that history unfold,” Whitehead says.

“Like Linfox, we place a high value on reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions and introducing advanced safety technology, which makes us perfect partners.”

The new fleet of new Mercedes-Benz trucks will operate in various applications, including fuel distribution, container freight, supermarket distribution and linehaul.

Mercedes-Benz says it is the first truck manufacturer in Australia to introduce a full range of Euro 6 models, which deliver a particulate matter reduction of 99 per cent and a 97 per cent reduction of nitrogen oxides, while delivering fuel economy savings of more than seven per cent.

It also offers a ‘safety pack’ featuring technology that can initiate automatic emergency braking for pedestrians as well as vehicles, automatically adjust the truck’s speed to maintain a safe distance between it and the vehicle in front, alert the driver if the truck wanders out of its lane and even warn the driver if they show signs of fatigue.

 “There are significant wins for both business and the environment by reducing emissions,” Linfox executive chairman Peter Fox says.

“Through our Green Fox program, Linfox has reduced its total emissions by more than 50 per cent and our investment in Euro 6 engines is an important part of continuing this progress.” he says.

The next-generation Mercedes-Benz truck range was introduced in Australia in late 2016 following on from an 18 month local evaluation program involving 35 customers, 20 trucks and more than 1 million km.

New engines were at the core of the new generation model, with new high performance 11-litre, 13-litre and 16-litre units, which use up to 40 per cent less AdBlue than previous generation engines. A new automated manual transmission was also introduced, with 20 per cent faster gear changes and a clever new crawler function for low speed work.


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