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Large van sales say, crisis? What crisis?

FCAI VFACTS figures show jump as small vans slide


Don’t tell those selling larger commercial vans the economy is in the back foot – the 2020 figures fail to bear that out.

Vans at 2.5-3.5 tonne ended the year nearly 3,000 units above 2019’s total, 21,213 versus 18,260, according to Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) VFACTS numbers.

More, December 2020 more than doubled December 2019 at 2,820 against 1,406, in a showing that was replicated to a much lesser degree in truck sales.

The annual story for light vans of less than 2.5 tonne, however, was subdued to say the least, coming in 2,432 units against 2019’s 2,665. Still, December 2020 topped the previous December, 264 to 181.

With a pretty new offering on the market obviously pleasing buyers, Toyota HiAce gave the larger vans most of their sales grunt, chalking up 8,391 sales compared with 2019’s 6,127.

It was the same story for the month, with December 2020 at a remarkable 1,382 sales, more than three times above the previous December’s 452.

Read how light vans were faring earlier in the year, here

In fact, all the top five makes recorded better Decembers, with two of the four remaining doubling their sales on December 2019: Hyundai iLoad at 433 to 201 and LDV G10 at 223 to 91.

And significant gains were recorded by Ford Transit Custom, at 235 to 158, while Renault Trafic was a creditable but more modest 272 to 238.

Many of these gains came at the expense, at least in part, of other makes. Volkswagen Transporter was down in December 81 to 111 but, worse, it finished 2020 on 582 against 2019’s 1,672.

Meanwhile, newcomer Mitsubishi Express made a nice debut, finishing the year on 612 and chalking up 60 sales in December.

The light van segment is the VW Caddy’s domain and the model defied the segment softness, ending 2020 on 1,749 against 2019’s 1,672 and more than doubling December 2019 on 216 to 106.

The major victim was Renault Kangoo, down year on year at 458 against 758 and on December 35 to 62.


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