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Lack of WA rego fee hike delay concerns state trucking

LRTAWA says state transporters ‘singled out’ for registration increases


Livestock and Rural Transport Association of Western Australia (LRTAWA) is calling on the state government to stick with a national understanding on truck registration.

LRTAWA president David Fyfe reports that the WA government is to increase heavy vehicle registration fees by 2.5 per cent tomorrow, whereas most other states have agreed to freeze the charges until the  June 30, 2021, to assist in the Covid-19 recovery effort, in line with a Transport and Infrastructure Council (TIC) decision.

Fyfe is “disappointed with the decision which the association only discovered after making inquiries about what the Government intended.

“There has not been any consultation with industry, and we are unaware of the rationale behind WA transporters being singled out for additional costs compared to their counterparts in other states.

“Whilst the rural transport industry has been fortunate in being able to keep working during the Covid-19 restrictions there is considerable concern about the challenging headwinds transporters are facing.

“Many grain transporters currently have a portion of their fleet parked up and the declining sheep flock will have a significant impact on our members.’

“Coupled with the pause in sheep live exports rural transporters are facing a difficult few months until harvest begins.’

“With the increase coming with little to no warning, businesses have not been given time to factor the costs into contracts and budgets for the coming year.

Read about the TIC communique on truck registration, here

“This will force rural transporters to make decisions about the size of their fleet which in turn will impact other businesses in rural communities such as tyre fitters, mechanics, parts suppliers, fuel suppliers and other local businesses.’

“The heavy vehicle industry is already over-taxed and now is not the time to increase the burden on small businesses as we all work together during this recovery period.

“I’m asking the government to rethink the increase in light of the current economic circumstances.”

The Western Roads Federation (WRF) has also made its concern on the issue known to state transport minister Rita Saffioti.

“We have written to the minister requesting reconsideration,” WRF CEO Cam Dumesny tells ATN.

A response has been sought from the minister’s office. 

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