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Labour demand returns with job ad growth

More transport jobs advertised in November, but labour demand still down 30 percent on last year

December 10, 2009

More jobs for transport workers were posted online in November, but labour demand is still some 30 percent down on this time last year.

The Olivier job index of online advertisements put growth in the transport sector at 8.4 percent in November, continuing the strong growth seen over the past few months.

The report says the figures show business confidence is stronger, despite two interest rate rises.

“When you look closely at the figures it seems the job market is now closer to that in 2006 and 2007 than 2008,” the report says.

“This was typical of a strong market with ads staying high until the end of November.”

The report also suggests the increases will continue into 2010, as employers look to get new starters on board in January and will continue to recruit throughout the Christmas break.

“There is no doubt that there will be a deluge of talent on the market in mid to late January,” it says.

“The smart job seeker and employer will secure a deal prior to Christmas and beat the rush.”

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