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Kuehne+Nagel receives first Renault electric truck

A large order of 23 electric Renault trucks has been placed by global transport and logistics company Kuehne+Nagel in an effort to achieve zero emissions.

The push for lower emissions vehicles in Europe has been strong for a long time with many companies keen to jump on board. The latest iteration of this movement is a collaboration between French manufacturing giant Renault and logistics company Kuehne+Nagel, who have put in a large order of elecrtic trucks. 

The Switzerland-based company has signed up to buy 23 of Renault Trucks’s electric vehicles, with the first truck delivered this month.

Taking a scientific approach, the two businesses have committed to making a contribution to global carbon neutrality goals by setting their own goals validated by Science Based Targets (SBTi).

Kuehne+Nagel intends to increase the number of electric vehicles it operates in order to meet its 2030 CO2 reduction targets and to be well placed when a ban on the most polluting vehicles entering French cities comes into force.

Xavier Léger, managing director of Road Logistics at Kuehne+Nagel France, says the group has 56 agencies operating throughout France and it believed many short and medium distance routes could be covered by electric vehicles.

“The ecological and energy transition is a challenge that concerns us all and we are proud, as a major player in the transport sector, to do our part and enable our customers to reduce the emissions generated by transport,” Leger says.

Although there are still technological challenges to achieving the low-carbon transition of long-distance transport, Kuehne+Nagel is taking action and already uses around 60 trucks running on hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO).

These transition technologies are already cutting carbon emissions from road transport by up to 83 per cent, according to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

Xavier Léger of Kuehne+Nagel France, welcomed Christophe Martin of Renault Trucks France, to the Villefranche-sur-Saône courier site, near Lyon, for a handover ceremony.

Renault Trucks has embarked on a transformation of its entire business and offering, in particular by electrifying all its vehicle ranges.

The manufacturer is pursuing its goal of achieving 50 per cent of its volumes with fully electric vehicles by 2030.

From 2040, Renault Trucks will only sell fossil-free trucks.

“We are proud to support Kuehne+Nagel in its energy transition, embodied today by these 23 Renault Trucks E-Tech D,” Renault Trucks France managing director Christophe Martin says.

“In addition to supplying the vehicles, we have worked closely with Kuehne+Nagel right from its earliest intention to decarbonise its fleet; from the study and analysis of requirements to monitoring implementation and operation.

“With the introduction of these all-electric vehicles manufactured in France, Kuehne+Nagel will be able to continue its operations with the same range and payload, and access city centres regardless of the restrictions or regulations in force, without any direct CO2 emissions or noise pollution.”

The introduction of the new trucks will reduce the business’ carbon emissions by 730 tonnes of CO2.

French cities will see more electric Renault trucks in the coming months

In the configuration chosen by Kuehne+Nagel, the 23 16t Renault Trucks E-Tech D have a loading capacity of 18 or 21 pallets and are fitted with five 66 kWh battery packs for a range of 235 km on a single charge at the end of the vehicle’s life.

These electric trucks, which will be assigned to eight Kuehne+Nagel sites in France, are set to travel an average of 180 km per day. For increased safety of drivers and road users, Kuehne+Nagel has chosen to equip each electric truck with two cameras and four sensors. 

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