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Keep compliance plates NatRoad tells Canberra

Calls for more input from heavy vehicle sector into proposed law changes


Proposed changes to the Road Vehicle Standards Act that would replace physical compliance plates with a publicly available database have been criticised by the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad).

In its submission to government on the issue, NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says the proposed laws, which are set to replace the Motor Vehicle Standards Act, should be re-examined from the perspective of the heavy vehicle sector.

The new law would see compliance plates, which show a vehicle’s suitability for supply in Australia, removed from all vehicles except heavy trailers – a move Clark says is “a fundamental reform” to the existing law.

“NatRoad members are not convinced that the package of legislation will reduce red tape.

“The opposite view has been expressed by members who have been confronted with the current legislative package.”

Clark adds that there was also confusion about whether the normal procedure used by Australian truck manufacturers for getting a truck to market would offend against the legislation.

“We look forward to the consultation process sorting out these anomalies and for the legislation to better reflect the operations of the heavy vehicle sector.”

The group is not alone in criticising the proposed legislation, with Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia pointing out earlier this month that the proposed law would create problems for body builders, in opening gaps between the Australian Design Rules and the Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6


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