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June LCV sales bouyant as record numbers posted

End of financial year sees light commercial numbers surge to record high


Light commercial vehicle sales have surged to 12.2 per cent in June as new car sales soar.

The rise of the dual cab ute as mainstream transport has largely driven LCV numbers with the two top slots occupied by the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger respectively ahead of the Toyota Corolla. 4×4 ute numbers alone are up 16.2 per cent.

Away from the show pony dual cab market, 4×2 ute figures still proved positive as businesses spent up as the financial year drew to a close. Isuzu Ute scored another record month across the board and in the 4×2 segment still sits in second spot behind Toyota with 13.6 per cent market share.

Away from the ute spotlight sales remained stable with vans as Volkswagen continues to dominate the small van segment with the Caddy. The little V-dub has a formidable 60.2 per cent strangle hold on the market, with nearest competitor Renault making up 22.1 per cent.

The HiAce/iLoad tussle continued with Toyota regaining top spot (32.9 per cent) for mid-sized haulers in front of the second placed Hyundai (26.8). Volkswagen’s Transporter came in third at 9 per cent.

Large van numbers followed the same steady pattern with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter (16.9 per cent) leading the Renault Master (8.6 per cent) followed by the about to be updated Volkswagen Crafter (3.4 per cent).

Light duty trucks retained the usual holding pattern with the Isuzu N-Series dominating proceedings at 27.9 per cent of the light duty segment with the Hino 300 in second spot followed by the Fuso Canter.

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