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Jancol Transport Services builds on owner’s freight experience

A professional with more than 30 years of experience is guiding WA-based freight operator Jancol Transport Group on its growth journey

It’s been three years since Jancol Transport Servcies commenced operations in Western Australia. Despite being a relatively young operator, it defers to the experience of its owner and founder Colin McKean. 

Business growth for the Hazelmere-based company, according to McKean, has come exclusively through word-of-mouth. 

“I ended up being an owner driver with one truck that then grew into three trucks,” McKean told ATN. 

That’s now grown organically into seven prime movers along with a fleet of hotshots.” 

Initially the operator didn’t have many challenges despite beginning in the middle of the COVID pandemic. McKean says with the mining industry still moving, the only difference to the business back then was taking a COVID test. 

McKean has been a part of the road freight industry for more than 30 years. Originally, he drove road trains before becoming a part of McPhee Transport. 

After many years in the transport industry, he says he will always come running back to trucks due to the consistency in work hours and pay. The different scenarios every trip presents is also an attractive value proposition. 

Since opening Jancol’s doors, McKean has turned his attention to running the business from the office. He enjoyed pushing through paperwork despite the challenges. 

“If I go on a trip, I’m playing catch up the next three or four days with invoicing and everything else so actually being switched on enough to make it all work and line up everything is a challenge I like,” McKean says. 

On top of that, McKean and his partner Janine work to keep the drivers happy and the business afloat. There have also been benefits for McKean and his family with the business.  

Jancol currently runs four different services for the mining industry with its hotshot and prime mover fleets. Among its service areas is general freight, dangerous goods as well as oversized and heavy haulage transportation. 

McKean’s fleet of prime movers comprise three Kenworth K200s and three Mack Superliners along with one Kenworth 909. His hotshots are predominantly made of Iveco’s Daily range, including two Iveco 70c cab chassis and one 35s van, and one Hino 300 dual cab. 

The hotshots only recently came about for Jancol after its customers expressed the need for the service. Janine’s daughter Jessica currently oversees the fleet which travels more than 1,600km per trip between Jancol’s depot in Perth’s east to Newman and Port Headland. 

“Jess can do whatever she needs to do, if I need to do something or go on a trip I do that while she overlooks the business,” McKean says. 

“It gives me a bit more freedom than driving a truck up the road for 70-80 hours per week.” 

While Jess has helped overlook the business in recent times, Janine helped build the company into what it is today. McKean says people involved in the industry have also played a key role in helping build the company into what it is today. 

This year is set to be a consolidating year for Jancol Transport Group after purchasing three vehicles in the past 12 months. McKean says his company also aims to keep his customers happy. 

“What we’re doing is supplying a service that people need and that seems to be what they want,” McKean says. 

“Even if it’s an unrealistic timeframe, I’m not going to tell them I can’t do something that’s not going to happen.” 

While Jancol may be aiming to solidify its position in the WA freight transport game, McKean says there could yet be more growth and jobs for the operator to come soon. 

“We’ve been asked about some other work in the near future,” McKean says 

“It would be big for us, but until then or when someone asks the question we’ll just keep growing through word of mouth.” 

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