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Iveco updates popular Euro 6 van and cab chassis range

Iveco says it has updated its latest Daily van and cab chassis range to increase its popularity

Iveco has introduced a raft of changes in its latest Daily van and cab chassis line-up, designed to provide prospective owners with additional comfort, safety and functionality.

Building on its predecessor’s list of operator benefits, the latest MY22 Daily range has Iveco taking an evolutionary approach to the line-up, further increasing the model’s credentials in the large van segment while strengthening the Daily’s standing as a popular European light truck cab chassis.

Iveco sys larger drivers will appreciate the new Daily’s revised seating which offers additional bolstering and introduces memory foam – the brand says it’s the first vehicle in the commercial space to offer this comfort feature.

A taller head rest has also been introduced, while cabin ingress and egress is now even easier thanks to an improved seat ‘get-off’ angle.

Other changes to the cabin include longer seatbelts to accommodate Aussie and Kiwi bodies and lengthened seat rails to allow greater adjustability. Additionally, a slightly deeper bulkhead for van models also assists in providing a more comfortable driving environment for taller drivers.

A shift to electric power steering across the range – from hydraulic in preceding models – delivers several benefits for operators. Iveco says the change now enables both tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustment for improved ergonomics compared to earlier models’ telescopic only adjustment.

In slow speed driving situations or when negotiating tight loading zones or carparks, drivers can actuate the new ‘City Mode’ button on the dash, this function reduces steering effort by up to 70 per cent helping to reduce fatigue.  


A further benefit of the new steering is that allows for the introduction of Proactive Lane Keep Assist to complement the already present Lane Departure Warning feature.

 Proactive Lane Keep Assist uses a windscreen-mounted camera that recognises road markings and sounds an alarm if the vehicle strays from its lane without the driver first signaling. If this occurs, the system will autonomously intervene and correct the vehicle’s trajectory.

From a maintenance and functionality perspective, electric power steering means there’s no additional energy absorption from the engine reducing fuel consumption, while lowering vehicle weight and eliminating the chance of oil leaks.

In the load space, previously black grab handles are now yellow for added visibility and safety.

Positioning and maneuvering the latest Daily range is also now easier with adoption of a high-resolution reversing camera for all van models.

The new camera features dynamic lines for extra guidance and provides feedback of the distance to objects at the rear of the vehicles at low speeds (0 to 30km/h).

This camera is also offered as an option on cab chassis models in conjunction with standard reversing sensors – these sensors are a first for the light truck cab chassis segment and integrate with the instrument cluster, providing visual distance and acoustic indication.

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