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Iveco partners with Transurban and Plus for autonomous truck program

Iveco says the partnership will help improve truck driver safety as well as sustainability

Iveco has announced that it is teaming up with toll road operator Transurban and Silicon-Valley based autonomous driving software company Plus for a new autonomous truck program. 

Iveco says the program will explore how Iveco’s S-Way trucks,integrated with Plus’s level four autonomous driver technology and combined with Transurban’s smarter road infrastructure, could help make trucking safer, more efficient and more sustainable in Australia. 

The program builds on Iveco’s partnership with Plus to develop highly automated trucking solutions for Europe. 

Two of IVECO’s latest S-Way AS 550 prime movers have been factory-fitted with Plus’ latest autonomous driving technologies and integrated with smart motorway infrastructure to enhance the perception and awareness capabilities of the autonomous trucks. Iveco says the trucks can carry up to 43 tonnes. 

With road freight in Australia projected to grow steadily in the coming decades, Iveco says that self-driving trucks operating during off-peak periods have the potential to transform the freight industry by moving goods more quickly and more sustainably. 

Iveco says that it is anticipated these trucks will also deliver positive economic and social outcomes for consumers, motorists and governments by reducing congestion and improving road safety. 

Iveco’s partnership with Transurban specifically leverages the benefits of smarter road infrastructure and operations to complement truck technologies being developed by itself and Plus. 

Plus’s autonomous driving software uses advanced generative AI, machine learning, computer vision and other state-of-the-art algorithms to empower vehicles with superhuman awareness and control. 

Equipped with advanced light detection and ranging, radar and camera sensors, Iveco says Plus’s software can detect and precisely track objects, predict their movements and safely manoeuvre the vehicle. 

Iveco says additional features and capabilities are continuously added to the system through over-the-air updates. The software builds on the S-Way’s suite of driver aids, which includes an advanced emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control and a lane departure warning system. 

Head of Iveco ANZ Michael May says it is exciting to be chosen as the commercial vehicle partner for the ground-breaking activity. 

“IVECO has a long history of innovation and has been at the forefront of the commercial vehicle industry for many years, particularly where new technologies and sustainability are concerned,” May says. 

“Based in Melbourne, the IVECO Customer Innovation Centre is very excited to begin this collaborative project and support the next steps in creating sustainable and efficient ecosystems of freight movement.  

“To be partnering with industry leaders like Transurban and Plus on this project is certainly exciting and we look forward to playing a role in contributing to the evolution of the road transport industry on its search for greater efficiency, safety and sustainability.”

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