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Isuzu Traypack boosts productivity for Perth pressure cleaner

Rob Toohey took his pressure cleaning business to the next level recently when he upgraded to an Isuzu light truck

Perth man Rob Toohey says swapping his ute and trailer for an NLR 45-150 Traypack from Isuzu has proven to be a game changer for his pressure cleaning business. 

Toohey, who has been cleaning up the city with his hot water high pressure cleaning business for more than a decade, says having all of his gear on one vehicle makes all the difference.

“I had a ute and a trailer before and it was a pain in the neck because someone would call me up and offer me a small job and I’d be thinking to myself, `well, that’s half an hour of work just to hook up and detach the trailer when I’m finished,’ and a lot of times I’d turn it down,” Toohey says.

“Now that I have everything in the truck, when anybody calls me up with a small job, I say, ‘yeah, I can be there in 15 minutes.’

“Boom, go do the job and come back and it’s brilliant.”

Rob’s truck is set up to handle the range of work he tackles every day including the cleaning of garbage bins, oil stains, and graffiti.

“It is partially having the right chemicals, but the equipment makes a huge difference because the hot water increases the effectiveness of the chemical by about 25 per cent.

“The hot water makes a huge difference and most of my competitors don’t have hot water.”

Rob’s truck features a GVM of 4,500 kilograms and a GCM of 8,000 kilograms, and plenty of room on the factory tray to carry all of his gear.

“The truck carries the water, the hot water, the high-pressure equipment, every chemical I need…it carries everything!” he said.

“So now I’m totally self-sufficient.

“When I rock up to somebody’s house to clean an oil stain, for example, I don’t even need to tap into their water supplies.”

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut (an hour from New York City), Rob moved to Australia after marrying an Australian. He set up his flexible “lifestyle” business in 2010 so he could spend time with his then school-aged son.

“The flexibility of the hours is what was important to me,” he says. “I wanted to make my own hours.”

Rob’s truck

After a bumpy start with the business, Rob landed his foundation client more than a decade ago, the City of Cockburn, a local council about 20 kilometres from the centre of Perth.

“I clean about 3,000 bins a year for them,” he says.

“One of the reasons it works for me is because I go to Cockburn one or two days a month. It’s a lot of work in one day or two days, but it’s worth it.”

Rob also has a regular roster of commercial customers who need oil stains removed, including real estate agents, car dealers and cooking oil suppliers.

He also has regular and one-off residential customers who want their rubbish bins cleaned.

“Normally I never meet residential customers. But one day this guy was out cleaning his mailbox. I’d never seen him before. I pulled up to clean the bin and as I hop out of the truck he goes, `wow, that looks fantastic’.

“I said, ‘thank you very much’, because it does look fantastic. The truck, the whole setup, it just oozes professionalism. It impresses people because it looks so good.”

Rob’s son has finished school and is now a chef, but Rob still wants his pressure cleaning business to be a part-time venture.

He received a welcome advertising boost last year after winning Isuzu’s business on a billboard competition as part of the 50th birthday celebrations.

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