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Isuzu returns to AFAC conference with a bang

The truck manufacturer came well-prepared to the conference with a suite of trucks and generators on display

Isuzu Australia returned to the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Council (AFAC) conference this month, which was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 22 to August 25. 

Joining experts from all areas of the fire and emergency service fields, Isuzu showcased a key selection of products from Isuzu Trucks and Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS); from tanker trucks through to standalone power units. 

This year’s AFAC theme is based around the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable future and how Australian emergency services will evolve in response to a changing landscape, climate, and technology. 

IAL National Sales Manager Craig White says reliability of equipment continues to be a priority in this essential line of work. 

“Reliability of equipment and transportation in an emergency response situation is a critical factor, it just can’t let our crews down when they need it,” White says. 

“This becomes ever more important as they step up to meet the challenges of changing weather conditions. 

“We will be showing a range of Isuzu products including a fully operational fire truck model that is already assisting emergency response teams around the country.”  

Isuzu brought a range of products specified for the sector to AFAC23. 

A fully operational FTS 139-260 4×4 Auto Crew tanker took to the centre stage, giving punters the opportunity to touch, feel and explore. This joined a NPS 75/45-155 4×4 Crew Rescue Truck built for the Victorian State Emergency Service to transport team members and equipment to rescue events in remote or difficult to access locations.  


Isuzu Power Solutions showed a 3CA1 Power Unit and a 20 kVA GS020-PTY generator set from their range of off-road power products, upholding the brand’s motto of ‘reliability that never stops’.  

“Over the past few years IPS have been working very hard to develop the quietest, most compact engines to support our partners in Australian industry,” White says.

“We are extremely pleased to bring these models to the attention of the emergency services sector through AFAC and believe that the ongoing refinements to these products will be welcomed.” 

Isuzu says the vertical water-cooled 4-cycle diesel 3CA1 Power Unit is well-matched for truck-mounted pumping duties with a heavy-duty cooling system (specified for up to 50°C on premium models) and air cleaner with flame retardant element which makes it ideal for use on emergency service vehicles.  

The GS020-PTY 20 kVA generator set comes with a smart and portable compact design and a sound level output of just 51 db(A) at seven metres, making it one of the quietest generator sets currently available on the market. It’s powered by the ultra-reliable Isuzu 4LE1 engine producing an output of 20 kVA / 16 kWe (Prime), with a rated voltage of 415 VAC / 50 Hz. 

Stand goers were able to view the engine up close with the benefit of expert IPS personnel on hand to answer queries about specifications or suitability for application.     

IPS customer GAAM, which specialises in designing fire suppression pumps and complete systems will also be exhibiting IPS product, making for an excellent opportunity to see how Isuzu’s engine and power unit range can be utilised for emergency response equipment. 

With the reinvigoration of its Customer Care program in early 2023, Isuzu says it is taking all steps possible to ensure customers receive the highest level of service and support.  

Isuzu’s Care program prioritises customers’ needs with specialised knowledge of their industries and applications, which White says was pertinent for those working in emergency services.  

“Fire, flood and rescue situations don’t just end when the media leaves… it’s during these emergency events and afterwards during the extensive recovery period where real care is needed.”


“We know this is where our 24/7 phone lines, timely aftersales support and expert servicing of fleet vehicles and engines is vital, no matter what challenges are presented. 

“If ever there was an opportunity to put Isuzu’s reputation for reliability to the test, it’s here,” White says.

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