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Isuzu launches NPS 4×4 innovation locally

Australian arm claims domestic two-pedal first


The auto 4×4 AMT NPS in its element

In what is turning out to be a signature year for the brand here, Isuzu has let the covers slip from  the NPS 75/45-155 4×4 AMT – dubbing it the first-ever two-pedal 4×4 light truck on the Australian market.

The move bolsters the NPS 4×4’s position where navigating tough terrain and in tight-access situations are concerned.

“Because the AMT NPS is the only two-pedal 4×4 light truck available on the market today, we invested the time and resources into taking a literal ground-up approach to developing a superior product for all operators looking for a 4×4 light truck that was easier than ever to drive,” Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) chief engineer, product strategy, Simon Humphries says.

The application-specific engineering in the AMT NPS begins at its tyres, with Bridgestone L330 225/80R17.5 offering increased off-road grip and a steer axle load rating of 3,100 kg.

It also features an automated manual transmission “calibrated to make off-road operation easier”.

“At every stage in its development, we’ve considered how the AMT NPS can most effectively cater to more operators looking to get behind the wheel of a no-nonsense 4×4 light truck,” Humphries says.

“We’ve also included cruise control as standard in the AMT NPS and the 7,500 kg GVM vehicle can be derated to 4,500 kg and driven on a car licence – at every step of the design and construction process we’ve strived to develop an easy-to-drive, reliable heavy duty go-anywhere 4×4 light truck.”

The impetus was a perceived gap in the market for this sort of off-roader.

“IAL identified a lack of automated manual transmission options in the 4×4 light truck market, and the company believes the AMT NPS will be of great appeal to operators looking for a truck that will allow multiple drivers – even those less familiar with trucks – to hop behind the wheel,” Humphries says”

The AMT NPS will appeal to operators

“In addition to its ease of use, the AMT NPS also has payload advantages over some of the major competition in the light 4×4 truck category.

“We developed this truck knowing it will serve fire brigades across the country, and therefore it was of paramount importance that it’s payload was optimised for the task at hand.

“When these brave men and women are heading in to battle blazes, we wanted to ensure they were equipped with ample water to take on the job.”

IAL sales and marketing director Andrew Harbison warms to that theme.

 “Over the years, NPS trucks have served invaluable roles in emergency services fleets, especially in Australian fire brigades,” Harbison says.

“These are operators who need the utmost confidence in the reliability, safety and access of their vehicles.

“With the AMT NPS, we’ve developed a product that will provide these benefits in a vehicle that more volunteers can get behind the wheel of – a considerable benefit when volunteer numbers are forever in mind for rural fire fighting brigades.”

The needs of rural firefighters were front of mind for Isuzu in the design of this light truck
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