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Isuzu expands after-sales support offering

Genuine American parts from Allison, Eaton, Meritor and Hendrickson will be available at Isuzu Parts


Isuzu Australia has expanded its role as a supplier of American truck parts, extending its offering of official Allison, Eaton, Meritor and Hendrickson parts.

With the addition of new suspension, transmission, and axle products to Isuzu Parts, the truck maker says it “now caters to more truck owners than ever before with its extensive range of class-leading American driveline componentry.”

The aftersales support expansion comes in line with the company’s own use of the specialist American manufacturers’ products in its range of vehicles, Isuzu Australia national parts manager John Plunkett says.

“Isuzu has a reputation of the highest standard the world over, so it makes sense that our partnership with these American suppliers not only compliments that standing, but strengthens it,” he says.

“We want to reach a broader customer base with the best quality products on market, and continue to position Isuzu Parts as a single specialised source for the finest componentry and parts from around the world, available in Australia.

“Our aim is to meet the multiple needs and requirements of our customers in one location and with minimal downtime.

“Our staff, sales professionals and qualified technicians are experts in the product technology and always on hand to answer any questions customers might have.”

 The factory-sourced products will include Hendrickson suspension systems, Allison and Eaton transmissions, Meritor axles, and more.



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