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Isuzu announces new monthly service agreements

Isuzu believes its three priority subscription deals simplify truck maintenance


Isuzu Australia has released Isuzu Priority, a series of service agreements for its customers that spread service costs across a monthly subscription.

National service manager Bill Holland says ythe new three-tier solution will remove surprises during services and ensure vehicles are maintained optimally.

“What we’ve achieved with Isuzu Priority is a very simple, extremely easy-to-follow, three-level structure that takes the hassle out of servicing,” Holland says.

“Isuzu Priority is all about reducing downtime for businesses that rely on their equipment; and keeping costs predictable over the long term.”

The first of the new offerings is Priority One, providing scheduled servicing cover and including filter and lubricant replacement, valve adjustments and clearances, as well as belts and hoses.

The second level service agreement, Priority Total, adds in-house diagnostics and full servicing for engine components, transmission, clutches, brakes, suspension, final drive parts and electrical componentry.

The third level, Priority Heritage, is for vehicles built between 2000 and 2011. The coverage for older trucks utilises the Isuzu Best Value parts range and includes lubricants and valve adjustments.

Isuzu says all servicing and maintenance work is undertaken by authorised Isuzu technicians.



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