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Isuzu and Coates continue to strengthen partnership

Two well-recognised names in Australia have continued to build a strong partnership, with Coates continuing to use Isuzu vehicles

Australian equipment hire and solutions provider Coates has continued to turn to Isuzu’s ready-to-work tipper range for both its external hire fleet and internal operations. 

Isuzu says the brand has built a fleet of nearly 500 vehicles, the majority of which is made up of light and medium-duty tippers. 

Isuzu says its tippers can cover a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) between 4,500kg and 14,500kg while providing the option of a four or six-cylinder turbocharged engine. 

For Coates customers with a car license, Isuzu’s offering for them includes its NLR 45-150 AMT tipper.  

It also provides a wide range of tippers for customers with rigid licenses, including its NPR 65-190, NPR 75-190 and FRR 110-240 AMT tippers. 

“The particular tipper models that we run are fuel efficient and have a good power-to-payload ratio,” Coates product group manager Dan Goodfellow says. 

“Our tipper fleet goes from construction sites, mine sites and heavy manufacturing without a problem one week, and then will be used for moving dirt to a school or at a corporate event the following week.” 

Isuzu says its tippers have plenty of work-smart features to help Coates and its customers, including a two-way tailgate and a hydraulic pump that provides a 20-second raise and lower time. Isuzu says the Japanese produced bodies also help it withstand any conditions. 

Goodfellow says Isuzu’s ability to deliver fast turnaround while servicing and genuine parts for repairs has also helped keep Coates operations move smoothly. 

“The team always provide fast and reliable service whether it is new vehicle quotes, aftersales support, service and repairs or parts,” Goodfellow says. 

“Our customers are delivering time critical jobs, so this is valuable to us.” 

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