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Inspection reveals ‘blatant’ case of speed limiter tampering

Truck driver fined more than $2,000 after police uncover non-compliant speed limiter during compliance inspection

September 5, 2013

A truck driver has copped a fine of more than $2,000 after a compliance inspection in New South Wales revealed a non-compliant speed limiter.

A NSW Police officer stopped the B-double on the Sturt Highway, near Galore in the State’s south, yesterday morning after it was allegedly caught travelling 104km/h.

The officer found the pulse wheel – which provides input to the truck’s engine control module – had allegedly been tampered with by a number of teeth being reduced.

NSW Police alleges the tampering allowed the truck to reach speeds of up to 113km/h.

Along with fining the 61-year-old driver $2,092 for driving a vehicle with a non-compliant speed limiter, NSW Police grounded the B-double for further inspections.

“The officer in this matter completed a thorough inspection of this truck to identify what is a most blatant case of speed tampering,” NSW Police Superintendent Stuart Smith says.

“Heavy vehicles are limited to a speed for a reason. They can’t stop suddenly and are a deadly weapon if involved in an incident at high speed.”

Smith accused trucking firms that tamper with speed limiters of trying to gain a commercial advantage at a risk to road safety.

“We will continue to work with the Roads and Maritime Service to enforce compliance in the heavy vehicle industry for the benefit of all road users in NSW,” he says.

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