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Inside Netstar empowering truck driver safety

Netstar Australia gives the lowdown on how its technology is revolutionising truck driver safety technology and helping Australia’s drivers

In the bustling world of the modern trucking industry, the road can be a lonely place. Truck drivers, whether they’re embarking on long-haul journeys or daily delivery runs, often find themselves isolated for extended periods.

The pressure to meet demanding delivery schedules, cover extensive distances and adhere to strict regulations can be overwhelming.

In addition to the professional challenges, truck drivers must grapple with the physical and mental toll of their occupation. They face the daily stress of unpredictable weather conditions, traffic congestion and the potential hazards of the road.

The sedentary nature of long hours behind the wheel can lead to health issues, including obesity and related ailments.

These factors combine to create a demanding work environment where drivers must excel in time management, safety and adaptability to thrive in the modern trucking industry. Finding ways to manage this pressure, ensure well-being and maintain a healthy work-life balance is paramount for the safety and happiness of today’s truck drivers.

“While Netstar cannot solve all these problems, the technology that we have today and what we are planning for tomorrow is targeted to simplify the driver interface to ensure ease of maintaining compliance, minimise driver distractions while driving, and provide the tools to assist driver decisions allowing them to concentrate on safer driving,” Netstar managing director Michael Emanuel says.

Pre Start Checklist

The journey begins with a crucial safety check before hitting the road. A checklist is presented via tablet or phone to the driver.

The driver follows simple on-screen instructions to ensure that the vehicle is safe to operate and declares they are fit to drive. If the driver is hauling a trailer or other equipment, they will be guided to complete safety checks on these assets.

Additionally, the driver can review previous checklists to confirm the maintenance history of the vehicle.

Built-in logic in the checklist advises the driver if the vehicle is unsafe and sends data and alerts to the fleet manager. All data is electronically sent and saved, making it readily available for reporting purposes.

Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

Netstar Electronic Work Diary Solution allows you to access your driver records quickly and easily, eliminating the hassle and mess of paper records.

Netstar prioritises convenience — which is why everything about the Electronic Work Diary is designed to provide the most applicable benefits for you and your drivers. Easily installed with minimal disruptions, you can say goodbye to your paper records and embrace the power of the EWD.

Netstar’s design goal for the EWD is to simplify the process, allowing for easy data entry and a clear view of various rule conditions for longer-term planning. The EWD features a highly visual countdown timer for the next rest, with a spoken word reminder alert generated 30 minutes in advance.

Netstar says the Netstar EWD is a must-have tool for any business in the transport industry. Approved by the NHVR, it is a trusted solution to manage your fleet. Here are just a few of the features of this software:

• Creates schedules, audits, and reports with ease

• Approved by the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator)

• Driver login, driver declaration, jobs messaging with the Netstar WORKS platform

• In-vehicle navigation with the Netstar WORKS platform

• Driver awareness features and alerts

• Notifies you of drops in standards and breaches

• Enables safety and compliance

• Alerts and feedback in real-time

• View your fleet location and driver behaviours in real-time

• Links users to profiles (you won’t need multiple devices!)

• Approved by the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator)

Truck Navigation

Truck drivers need to be aware of vehicle restrictions and road conditions. Netstar’s Truck Navigation application considers the truck’s dimensions, weight, and load type.

Using this information and a mapping partner, the application provides two forms of guidance. First, it routes the driver to avoid restricted roads based on vehicle characteristics, such as height, weight, or cargo type.

Secondly, it provides real-time alerts if the driver approaches a restricted road, bridge, or tunnel.

Additionally, the application displays road speed limits, inclusive of truck-specific speed limits and school zones, with on-screen and audible alerts for speed limit violations.

For drivers using the Netstar EWD solution, in a future update this information will be displayed directly on the Truck Navigation application to ensure drivers have all relevant data readily available.

AI Camera Technology

Driver behaviour plays a crucial role in safety. Netstar have a new dash cam and mobile DVR solution with built-in AI to detect various driving behaviours, including harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, tailgating, forward collision warnings, driver distractions and more.

These cameras provide instant feedback via an in-vehicle display to guide behaviour change and offer evidentiary reporting and training.

While camera systems are the preferred option, Netstar accommodates black box-only installations through audible warnings via an in-cab buzzer or visual alerts for those with the Truck Navigation application installed.

Netstar is committed to alleviating the pressure on truck drivers by providing innovative technological solutions. By simplifying compliance, enhancing safety checks, and improving route planning, Netstar aims to empower trucking companies and their teams to focus on safe driving, reduce stress, and ultimately ensure a safer and more efficient journey on the road.

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