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Innisfail company wins UD Quon for a year

Innisfail Carrying Company has won the use of an all new UD Quon for 12 months


Lance Law, managing director of Innisfail Carrying Company, will be adding an all new UD Quon to his fleet for a year.

UD Trucks Australia has announced the winner of its competition to experience the ultimate test drive of an all new Quon for a year.

Innisfail Carrying Company in Queensland has won the golden test drive ticket, and will now add the new Quon to the trucks hard at work in the business for an entire year.

“This is the perfect way for me to trial a new UD Truck without outlaying the cost,” says Lance Law, managing director of Innisfail Carrying Company.

“With the harsh environment in Australia, you need a durable truck that can prove itself over the years. I keep my trucks for 15 years so they have to last the distance.”

Innisfail Carrying Company is a family-owned business that started in 1995 with one prime mover, and has since expanded to include several depots across Queensland while operating a fleet of 38 trucks.

Law says truck durability is the most important criteria and he’s confident the UD will tick the right boxes.

“Back when I was a young fella I worked with a company in sand, gravel and concrete, and a couple of our subbies had UDs,” Law recalls.

“They were mighty trucks back then, with running gear that was second to none so I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for them.”

Mack Strambi, vice president of UD Trucks Australia, states that the all new Quon is the best in the Japanese truck market, and he is looking forward to Innisfail Carrying Company experiencing the truck for themselves.

“The all new Quon offers the ultimate in durability with features that keep our customers on the road longer; offering bigger payloads, improved safety, smarter fuel efficiency and better driver comfort,” Strambi explains.

“What better way for Innisfail Carrying Company to be certain this is the truck for them than to drive the Quon for an entire year.

“The team at Innisfail Carrying Company will get a taste of UD Trucks’ impressive dealer network thanks to the inclusion of a UD Trust Basic service agreement over the 12 months,” Strambi says.


According to UD, the New Quon has been developed with the driver in mind. It features a complete cabin redesign and a focus on enhanced ergonomics.

UD says refinements to the whole driveline have improved fuel efficiency, as well as complying with pPNLT Emissions Standards that exceed Euro 6 emission requirements.

Other technologies include Traffic Eye Brake and Lane Departure Warning.

Law says the trucks will start on B-double work with fertilisers in Innisfail.

“When that season finishes, we’ll trial the truck on two runs a week from Mt Isa to Townsville. It’ll be perfect to compare them to the two trucks we have doing that run now.”

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