Haulage firms fined as EPA issues statutory notice reminder

NSW agency reminds refusing to cooperate with investigations is an offence

Haulage firms fined as EPA issues statutory notice reminder
EPA notes it conducts joint operations with NSW Police


Operators not responding to statutory notices demanding information or assistance with investigations face penalties, the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA) warns, as two haulage firms learn the expensive way.

NSW EPA reports it recently fined Tat 1 Transport Pty Ltd and KNC Haulage Pty Ltd a total of $7,500 for failing to respond to several statutory notices, requesting information and records in relation to an alleged illegal dumping investigation in Western Sydney.  

The fines relate to five separate statutory notices issued by the EPA in May and June 2020. 

Tat 1 Transport received three penalty notices totalling $4,500, and KNC Haulage two penalty notices totalling $3,000.

Each fine was for failing to comply with a statutory notice issued by the agency.

Haulage operators had been on notice after recent officer interference incidents

EPA notes the investigation related to tracking vehicles suspected of being involved in alleged illegal waste dumping.

EPA director major compliance and investigations Greg Sheehy says failing to comply or respond to such notices affects the EPA’s ability to progress investigations and impedes its regulatory responses.

 "To help protect the community and the environment, waste must be legally disposed of and this means pursuing companies or individuals who do the wrong thing.

"When requested, companies must respond to notices from the EPA requesting information which relates to our regulatory work, including investigations."


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