Truck-related work deaths in Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria investigates one incident, issues alert on another

Truck-related work deaths in Victoria
Victoria's safety watchdog is investigating a fatal incident


WorkSafe Victoria is investigating the death of a man crushed in a shipping container at a truck body manufacturer, a month after a truck driver was killed after being hit by stabilising arm on a container truck.

The safety watchdog says a production manager died after a stack of 3.6-tonne panels fell on him as they were being unloaded from a shipping container on Tuesday.

It is believed the 56-year-old was inside the container at a Carrum Downs truck body manufacturer when the panels crushed him against the wall about 10.37am.

Investigations are ongoing.

SafeWork NSW recently warned on truck rollaway incidents

It comes as a recent incident alert reports the death of a garbage truck driver after a rear crane stabilising arm on another vehicle hit his truck while he was driving in December 2019.

The arm was protruding from a container truck approaching from the opposite direction.

WorkSafe highlights the importance of ensuring stabilising arms and outriggers are stowed and secured when in transit.

Plant fitted with stabilising arms or outriggers (such as mobile, vehicle loading and side loading cranes) can cause serious injuries or death to operators or other road users if the arms or outriggers aren't stowed or secured correctly.

WorkSafe says employers and self-employed persons are required to control the risk associated with vehicles, including securing plant and loads, with the following:

  • warning and indicating systems are fitted to alert or remind the driver that the outriggers or stabilising arms are deployed
  • mechanical or hydraulic locks are fitted to prevent extension of the outriggers or stabilisers during transit
  • manual (non-powered) stabilisers or outriggers incorporate a secondary latching or locking mechanism to reduce the likelihood of the outrigger or stabilising arm extending during transit
  • drivers are trained in the use of plant including how to secure / stow the plant for transport
  • plant is used in line with the manufacturer's instructions
  • plant, including warning and indicating systems, is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is operating as intended
  • fatigue risks are controlled and drivers are fit for work


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